Is There a Free Online Roulette Game Worth Playing?

For online casino games lovers who want to know is there a free online roulette game worth playing, the answer is absolutely! You can read this and find out a more detailed answer to that question if you have a desire to find it.

free online roulette gameIn fact, there are several variations of roulette available at most good online casinos that you can choose to play either for real money or take advantage of their free play option.

Just because it's free doesn't necessarily mean there is a catch, either. Of course every site will offer you the chance to swap your fun money for the real thing, but you have the final say on whether you take that option or not.

Playing Online Roulette for Free

So you are probably thinking this question or something similar to it about now: "Where can I find free roulette sites and how do I go about playing them?" The short answer is simply to sign up with one of the better known and reputable online casino sites and choose the "fun money" option which they will provide for you.

It really is as easy as that. While you do need to sign up and provide a name and contact email, you don't need to open an account or deposit any real money in order to play any of the games that are offered.

So what's in it for the casino if you don't use any real money?

Making a Profit

Online gambling sites and casinos need to attract lots of new players to maintain a viable, profitable business and one of the ways they do that is to offer a free play option to new sign-ups. While it might look like they are just giving their games away for free to everyone who wanders in through the virtual front door, there is a big advantage to doing things this way.

While you can play for fun money to your heart's content, you won't ever get the true exhilaration and thrill of gambling for real until you start to risk your own money. Gambling sites know that. They are quite prepared to wait while you learn how to play roulette at their site and get confident and proficient enough to decide you're ready to gamble for real.

Even if you choose not to switch to playing for cash, there are other players who will at some point. So the casino will make their profit from those players and happily accept the small losses that come from allowing players to play just for fun.

How Can They Lose?

In fact, it actually doesn't cost an online gambling site anything apart from a small amount of their server's bandwidth to have you logged in and playing for fun. So don't feel sorry for them if you choose not to risk any of your own money on their roulette games. They are not losing anything by letting you play there!

But let's be real here. You found this article because you wanted to know about the best and probably safest places to play roulette online for free. And assuming you are still reading this far down, you probably want to know what we know about reliable, safe and honest casinos where you can freely play their several different versions of roulette.

Are These the Best Roulette Casinos Online?

Below is a short list of what we consider some of the best places to play, according to their long established lifespan, honesty, security, trustworthiness and above all, their selection of great games to play! See what catches your eye:

888 Casino

Riding high as one of the top online casinos for non-US players these days has to be 888Casino. It stands apart from the crowd for several very good reasons, not least of them being that the site is powered by 888's own software along with a selection of games that you simply will not find anywhere else.

You can sign up with this site and play a great selection of games without spending any of your own cash by choosing the "fun money" option. You can do this before you get serious and start playing for the real stuff to be in with a chance of walking away with some amaingly big winnings. Read more about it in my full 888Casino review article by clicking that blue text link.

William Hill Casino

If you want the security and trust factor of a long established name in the gambling industry, you can't get much better than William Hill. Their online casino is a fantastic place to start your roulette playing journey with a free play option available for everyone who wants it. They have a large collection of all the major styles of the game with variations on both American and European tables.

It's a really great way to learn how to play the game while honing your skills at understanding the different bets and ways to place your chips. You can read more about this casino in our own full William Hill Casino Review by clicking that link.

Betfred Casino

Another well established name in the industry is Betfred whose online casino is a great place to learn the ropes with European and American roulette tables in several configurations to satisfy even the most curious new player. They offer a fun money option to help players learn how to play the games without any risk to their own funds. So that when you're ready to migrate to real money, you have the confidence and skill to make the right decisions.

You are welcome to read our review of Betfred Casino by clicking that link.

Casino Swiss

For the player who really wants to start at a place they can go on to play for money if that's their ultimate aim, getting started with free play at this casino is a good option. Its always a good idea to stay at the place you first learned your skills because the games and their layout will be familiar and that will give you greater confidence to play to the best of your ability.

You can read our Casino Swiss review by clicking the link.

Europa Casino

This site has been around for a long time and was actually established in 2003, so it has a long (in online gambling terms) history of providing its clients with top rated games and a service that has always been fair, honest and trustworthy. For the player who wants a free play option, this is one of the best roulette sites to visit (note: does not accept US players).

Find out more about Europa Casino in our full review here: Europa Casino

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