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  1. What is an Online Casino?
  2. What is an RNG?
  3. What is a Deposit Match Bonus?
  4. What is a No Deposit Bonus?
  5. What is a Flash Casino?
  6. What is a Payment Method?
  7. Can I Play Online Casino Games for Free?
  8. Are the Reviews in this Site Unbiased?
  9. Where Are News Items on this Site Sourced From?


Q: What is an Online Casino?

A: An online casino is a software driven graphics interface that allows you to play a range of gambling games on your computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone. Most online casinos allow you to play for free using "fun money" or for real money that you need to deposit in your account. Just like real casino games, you can win or lose and each game's payment structure is governed by set odds determined by the site.

Q: What is an RNG?

A: A Random Number Generator (RNG) is a software program that ensures complete randomness in a software based casino game's results.

Q: What is a Deposit Match Bonus?

A: A Deposit Match Bonus is a monetary bonus given by a casino that matches the amount of your first cash deposit. For example, when you are offered a 100% match bonus and your first deposit is £100, the casino will match that by depositing a further £100 into your account for you to use. Please read the individual site's rules for any limitations that may apply to this type of online casino bonus on offer.

Q: What is a No Deposit Bonus?

A: A No Deposit Bonus is a special monetary bonus given by an online casino that does not require you to deposit any money into your account upon sign up. For example, when you are offered a £10 no deposit bonus and you sign up as a new member, the casino deposits £10 into your account for you to use on any games you wish.

You can generally keep any winnings from bets made with this kind of bonus, but please check individual site or operator rules for details as there may be some limitations.

Q: What is a Flash Casino?

A: There are generally two kinds of Internet casino that can be played on a computer, laptop or tablet. The preferred option is to download the free software onto your computer, which provides faster game speeds and in most cases the full complement of games. The flash version is played without downloading software directly on the website.

Q: What is a Payment Method?

A: An online payment method is a go-between for electronically transferring funds to your account (from a bank account or credit card for example) and withdrawing your winnings. Payment processors such as PayPal, Neteller, Skrill (Moneybookers), 2Checkout etc make the transfer of funds easy and quick and offer another level of security between your bank or credit card and the casino account.

Q: Can I Play Online Casino Games for Free?

A: Most online casinos provide a "fun money" account where you can sign up as a member and play the casino games like free online slots for example without depositing any money in your account. This is an excellent way to learn the several games that interest you so that you can gain confidence and any skills needed to avoid costly mistakes later on, should you decide to switch to playing for real money.

It should be borne in mind however that you cannot win any real money with a "fun money" account. You only win more "fun money" which you cannot withdraw or spend in any way.

Q: Are the Reviews in this Site Unbiased?

A: All reviews written for this site are factual abd based on extensive research into the individual site. That includes casino reviews, mobile casino reviews, bingo room reviews and reviews of sites specific to things like lottery, sportsbook and sports betting including the popular totepool.

Despite the fact that I, as author am affiliated to some companies that I write about, I aim to portray the subject of each review in a fair and unbiased nature to the best of my ability. The reviews do, however contain my own opinions and those opinions may differ from those of other people.

Q: Where Are News Items on this Site Sourced From?

A: All news items published on this site are sourced from existing news websites. I generally locate two or more stories on the same topic to ensure their validity and freshness. I then re-write the story entirely in my own words, adding my own observations and opinions where pertinent.

Please note: If you have a question that is not covered here in this FAQ, please contact the webmaster with your question using the details on our Contact page. I will endeavour to answer the question and add it to this FAQ for everyone's benefit.