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For those clever players who figured out that playing mobile casino games on a phone or tablet is pretty amazing, I review the best sites out there to make it easy for you to find the one that suits your personal preferences.

This section of contains a collection of published reviews of online mobile casinos.

They've been added to help explain the many sides of online gambling in mobile casinos designed for use on smart phones and tablet devices.

There are some really positive aspects to gaming on a mobile device, making it a highly desirable pastime for a new breed of gamer.

The sites that I'm highlighting here are bang up to date with the latest technology in graphics and game delivery on a small display device.

What is Available on Mobile?

mobile casino reviewsThere is a growing compliment of games that are either custom made for mobile or are being migrated to that platform from the desktop versions. That includes slots, video slots, video poker, roulette and other popular casino table games, plus blackjack and baccarat. There are a number of arcade style games also available as well as bingo, scratch cards and lotto style games.

For the mobile display format, some games are much better suited than others. Slots, for instance make great games because they don't need so much screen space to deliver an action-packed game that maintains all the thrill and buzz that you come to expect from some of the top games in the world.

Scratch cards is another great game that is perfectly suited to the smaller smart phone display. Just like real-world scratch tickets, these games fit into the display perfectly and provide that explosion of excitement as you virtually scratch off the hidden symbols to see if (and how much) you won!

Mobile Live Dealer Games

There are also some live dealer games finding their way onto the mobile platforms and this represents an exciting side to gaming that has never been available or even possible before now. At present, gaming sites are working on bringing their games to all the popular operating systems with iPhone/iPad and Android devices being the most prolific right now.

Games for other operating systems such as Microsoft phone are coming online all the time, so watch out for the latest updates in our casino news section. Remember, technology is moving very fast these days and new games and formats are being created all the time!

Top Recommended Mobile Casinos

As you're probably already aware, some mobile designed casinos are simply better than others for a number of reasons. The best of the bunch are those that have been designed from the ground up as mobile dedicated casinos as they tend to be much better equipped for phone users to navigate around and play than desktop casinos that have just been retro-designed onto the smaller display platforms.

Tablets have much larger displays than phones and so are much better at playing cut down desktop games, but phones with their much smaller display areas need dedicated small screen games to produce a great player experience. Here are some of the points that make a true smart phone sized casino game really shine for players:

These are really common sense points but it is surprising just how important they are for players who are visiting a mobile casino for the first time on their phone.

What Hardware is Best for Mobile Casinos

smart phone casino gamesIt's common to wonder which piece of hardware is best to experience mobile size games and to be honest, there is probably no one-size-fits-all answer to that. Mostly it would be down to personal preference or even simply what you have at the time.

I have visited and played several mobile casino sites now using my relatively small (by today's standards) Samsung Galaxy S+ phone to review them. I've found that size issues especially are amplified by my small display, but that's all part of the test.

You may be wondering why I would use such a small phone to review these sites when I could get a better experience on a larger screen phone like an S4 or latest iPhone. My way of thinking is that if a mobile site can deliver a good experience on my little phone, then it will deliver a good (or even amazing) experience on any phone!

So what makes a great player experience? I think it has a lot to do with the game layout and if it uses every pixel of the display to maximum effect. Let's face it, with so little screen real estate to play with, every little well designed bit counts for a lot.

So that's about all I need to say for this overview of these small yet deceptively powerful games portals. If you're looking for a great place to get some gaming time in while you're out and about, why not check out some of the review titles below to see what I have been looking (and playing) at and what I've come up with from my own experiences.

Published Review Articles

Below is the current list of published mobile casino related articles and reviews. Please click on the title that interests you:

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