Betfred Mobile Casino Review

When you play at the Betfred mobile casino, you'll soon notice how amazing a quality, fully featured, dedicated portal can be.

This review reveals all you ever wanted to know before going ahead and playing at a place you'll soon realise is a place you will not want to stop playing at!

It's really easy to get started and so I gave it a whirl myself to see what I could see. Obviously, the best way to test this was to grab my trusty (old) Samsung SII smart phone, to get the most real experience on a real world handheld device with a small screen that lots of people would use.

Getting onto the site was no hassle at all.

I just entered the site from my phone by clicking the promotional image below from this page and the mobile site automatically opened for me. I tapped the "Casino" button and I got straight onto the page I wanted.

First Impressions

betfred mobile casino review

First impressions of the Betfred Mobile Casino when played on a smart phone such as the Android powered Samsung I use are that the setup is slick, smart and surprisingly well laid out to fit into the relatively small display.

Navigation is easy enough for my fairly nimble fingers and I can get around the app pretty easily.

However, the images are quite small and I think the designers could have done a better job of filling the screen space better. It looks like they built it around a standard tablet rather than a phone, but nevertheless, it is viewable and navigable.

Navigating the Mobile Betfred Site

On the site you can tap the three horizontal bar icon in the top strip to open the left side navigation to log in check my account settings, balance etc. While all the functionality is there if you want it, I can't help thinking I'd rather be at home in front of my laptop to do anything like depositing or withdrawing funds from my account, but maybe that's just me.

For using the mobile version of the casino on a phone, my idea is just to get in there and play some games to pass the time. It's perfect if I'm waiting around for things like maybe waiting for a bus or a train, in a waiting room like the doctor, dentist etc. You get the idea.

Once logged in I had access to the games which although not so many, were plenty to entertain myself with for a while. So that's enough of looking at what the site does on my phone. Let's get into the games and what we have here.

What Games You Get at Betfred Mobile

This is actually a really good place to grab a quick game or two of the Playtech powered assortment that I found pretty quickly.

There are four headed sections for games. Here they are in order:

Featured Games

betfred mobile casino samsung galaxy s plusThis is just a section containing a group of that betfred would like to think you (or me) the player would pick as our favourites. OK, maybe but you can easily skip this section if you're browsing and want to see everything that's in here.

Yes, all the titles in this section are just duplicates of what you'll find in the other three! So let's take them one at a time and see what goodies there may be lurking behind the doors!

Table Games

There are just two table games here and when you think about it you'll probably already guess that some games just won't fit in a really small display.

What we have here are European Roulette or Multihand Blackjack, which is fair enough although I would have liked to see some more things that are what I believe are playable on this size screen, like maybe Caribbean poker, rumy or even baccarat.

In any case, both games are easy to play even on the very small display of my phone, at least for my fingers. I think someone with fatter fingers will probably have a few problems in tapping buttons they didn't mean to because there's not much room to spare!


This section has by far the largest selection of individual game titles of all. There are plenty of titles to keep you playing happily and there's all the excitement and thrills of the big screen spinning reels bringing your phone or tablet to life!

As I'm looking at the page now, I can see:

Now that's a decent collection of slots and I was pleased to see Beach Life included because that's a really popular progressive that can put you in line for a million plus payday if your luck is in. The jackpot was around the 2.4 million mark when I looked, but I know it goes much higher if nobody wins it for a while.

Scratch Cards

I found some nice scratch card games to play in this section with the following titles such as: Rocky, Pink Panther, Love Match and Chicago Streets. These are great games if you fancy trying something a little different for that extra excitement and "wow" factor.

The cards are actually pretty easy to play since there aren't many things to tap at and the cards fill the screen nicely. Games are fast and prizes are pretty decent too.


For my review, I put this casino through its paces on the small screen of my phone with the idea being if it can perform on that, then it'll perform on anything! I wasn't disappointed either.

Play was fast and games loaded up quickly while using my 3G connection, but slowed down a little when in a public WiFi zone but that was probably the fault of the WiFi or how many people were using it at the time than the actual connection speed itself.

I had no problems navigating around the site on my smallish phone so players with bigger phones like a Galaxy S3 or similar would have an even better experience.

If you want a good, fun, easy to play mobile gaming site, then Betfred is as good as the best of them and batter than most of the rest! Check it out by clicking the advertising banner above to sign up if you haven't done so already.

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