Play Real Money Bingo Online

You may have noticed that one of the easiest to play online casino games is bingo. For those who want to play real money games, this really popular game is one of the best around.

The biggest plus side is that you really don't have to think much about the game to be in with a great chance of taking some easy winnings away with you. And that appeals to a lot of players who are looking for something to pass the time that they don't have to get too involved in to win.

What is Online Bingo Like to Play?

While it looks the same as the classic bingo hall game that is typified as being played predominantly by elderly ladies, the online version is rather different. It is in fact a very fast paced game that you can literally set up and then leave on auto-pilot to play while you get on with doing something else.

There is no need to sit there and wait for each new number to be announced and then cross it off a card. You simply buy the cards at the stake you choose and then start a new game. The software automatically draws the numbers very quickly and marks your cards for you when they match a number.

An entire game will last a second or so and you are immediately informed of your winnings. The winning cards and their numbers are highlighted at the end of the game so you can check how you won, if you care to do so.

How Does the Betting Work?

There are two formats you will come across when playing this game, depending on whether you choose to play at an online casino or at a dedicated bingo site. Generally, online casino games have less options than those at a dedicated site.

At a dedicated online bingo site, you simply buy as many cards you wish to play for the amount you wish to play for, within the house limits which are clearly printed for you to see before you start. Your winnings will depend on how much your stake per card amounts to.

The games can be either 75 or 90 ball versions depending on the site. This will also determine the maximum price for a card, but most sites will allow up to $1 per card maximum.

After you deposit money into your account, you are ready to buy your cards, which you must do before you start a game. Games are played automatically, meaning you don't actually need to be physically present when they're played although most people like to watch them happen. Its part of the thrill experience!

With multi-player games, there can be several hundreds or more players and the winnings are always equally divided between winners (when there is more than one) for each game. Those winnings are then credited to your personal account.

Online Bingo Odds

The odds for each game are calculated according to the number of cards you have for each game and the number of people that are playing that particular game. This makes it impossible to offer set odds for any one game, as the figure will change for every new game.

In real life bingo, you at least have the chance to weigh up the possibilities by noting the number of people in the room and gauging the number of cards out there by listening and looking. You can spend a little time watching how many cards other players are buying when you are standing in line to buy your own. The more cards you buy, the greater are your odds of winning, but you'll get to a saturation point where you can only check so many cards for each game.

With the online game, it is not possible to know how many other players there are or how many cards have been purchased for each game. This renders the game one of total chance with regard to the numbers drawn and the competition you are facing.

The best way to approach this game is to simply play it because you enjoy playing it! When you win, celebrate your good fortune and if you lose, chalk it down to experience and then have another go!