How to Win the Lottery with Your Mind

There is a lot to be said for maintaining a positive frame of mind when making choices on your lottery card of which numbers to play.

Getting into a winning mindset when buying a lottery ticket can have surprising consequences as it can do with any form of gambling for pleasure or enjoyment.

Here's why.

While a lot of people are sceptical about the attractive forces that our emotional state can manifest, there is definitely something in it. The evidence is anecdotal at best, but there are plenty of gamblers who will tell you that when they get into the winning zone, or have a good run, winning streak or whatever they want to call it, there is a corresponding emotional buzz going on that is both highly exciting and positive.

What Came First?

chicken and eggThe chicken and egg argument might arise here and some will say that the winning streak is the cause of the euphoric emotional state that is experienced by the player. But others (and I fall into this category) that are convinced that it is actually the euphoric emotional stat that is perpetuating the winning streak by the power of quantum mental attraction.

I've seen it happen in others and even experienced it myself first hand back in the days I used to play a lot of cards working night shifts, play slots in night clubs and even play bingo in bingo halls (yes, really).

I didn't really know or understand what was going on back then, but I know that when I went into any game with a gut feeling I was going to win it would be accompanied by a physical feeling of euphoria and I would get really excited. Most of the time I would win and keep winning until the excitement dropped away and then I would lose.

Making That Winning Thing Happen

The tough part was and still is trying to artificially create that combination of positive thought and that high level of emotional excitement before I started any game. There are always those irritatingly nagging doubts that creep into the mind like a dark cancer to stifle the heightened emotional state and wreck the moment.

Often the winning streak happens when I don't consciously try to fire up my emotions but rarely lasts very long once my critical, rationalizing conscious mind kicks in. The trick seems to be to get the mental state going and spiralling upward but not trying to analyze it while it's happening or it just fizzles out.

Expectation is the Key

I believe the key to this mental and emotional state is in the expectation of winning and if that expectation is high and strong enough, the winning streak will happen. The kicker is you can't force it or mentally "will it" to happen, because that means using your conscious, logical, rational mind and there is absolutely nothing rational or logical about a winning streak.

So how do you create the kind of spontaneous and unconscious expectation without trying? Can you really play the lottery and win through the power of your mind? Can it even be done?

Learn to Relax

win the lottery by law of attractionYou can create this situation artificially but you need to be totally relaxed and in a positive frame of mind to bring it about. Not easy for most people, since most people have never learned how to truly relax!

You can learn by joining yoga classes or learn meditation (the two are interlinked), but the ultimate aim is to be able to clear your mind of all thoughts while holding a single mental state of the expectation of winning a definite thing. In this case, that definite thing is the next lottery draw.

What you have to remember is that you can't force the state or exercise any conscious logic or rationality toward the desired goal. As soon as your rational mind takes over, the effect is lost and you just waste a lot of mental effort on what is little more than idly wishing or dreaming.

Why Would You Bother?

A lot of people will simply pooh-pooh the very idea and wonder why anyone would even bother to try this. Of course, they would be right as far as their own understanding will permit them to be.

But that won't make them right from the perspective of stepping outside the comfort zone and embracing possibilities that don't fit with text book explanations or scientific fact. Remember, what are considered facts now can be proved wrong in the future, just as "facts" that were thought to be definite several years ago are superseded by new facts now.

How about a commonly known example: At the turn of the 20th century, it was a scientifically proven fact that powered flight was impossible. The Wright brothers soon discredited that fact by introducing us to a new form of transportation that transformed the world as it was then known.

Here's a more recent example: in the late 1980s it was a "fact" that the clock speed of a personal computer CPU could not exceed 100mb/s due to the physical limitations of the processor and the heat it emitted. To go any faster, it would simply melt! Of course a few years later, clock speeds of 200mb/s and later 1gb/s and beyond were achieved.

So if you base your understanding of life on "facts" you are welcome to. But just be aware that even the most undeniable facts of the present can be undone as soon as someone finds a way to do it!

How Can The Effectiveness Be Measured?

win the lottery with your mindNow you're getting back into the realm of science and statistical research! When working with the still mostly unknown properties of the mind, there are no measuring sticks with which to gauge success or failure.

All we have right now is faith and a desire to push out the boundaries of what is considered possible and what is factually "impossible" and even crazy. But what is crazy and what is innovation?

Marconi was considered crazy when he claimed that radio signals travelled through the air and he was actually committed to a mental institution by his friends. Of course we know now that he wasn't crazy because we now enjoy the medium of radio.

But at the time, no one believed him, so he and his ideas were labelled crazy!

Back to Reality

The reality of the current situation is that we have a lottery game that millions of people will play and of those millions of people, one or maybe a few will have chosen the exact six numbers that are drawn in the next draw. They will be rich, while the rest will remain poor and have to play the next game to be in the game again.

What sets those few winners apart from the rest? Is it pure luck? Or is it something more?

Do you still think it's crazy to be able to influence your winning prospects through the power of your own thoughts and emotions? Perhaps you do, in the absence of any scientific proof. In the same way as Marconi's friends thought his ideas crazy because they lacked scientific proof.

It makes you think, doesn't it!

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