Social Media Feeds Online Gambling

smart phones online casinosThe social side of the Internet is growing at an amazing rate thanks to the migration to portable media and online gambling's growth is keeping pace with the flow.

Hand held devices such as smart phones and tablets are making it easier for people to get online and that is helping to fuel the expansion of the online gambling industry. They also make it very easy for people to hook up with online casinos and sports book sites while on the move, breaking free of the home computer gaming model that set the industry on fire a scant few years ago.

This expansion is estimated to grow to around five billion individuals worldwide being plugged into the Internet within a decade via their mobile phones. Internet gambling operators are already at the forefront of taking full advantage of this trend with more and more mobile casinos and gambling sites coming online every month.

Researching the Markets

Big name operators such as William Hill have been enjoying a profitable connection with social media and mobile connectivity since the explosion of faster connection speeds and powerful handheld devices onto the market. Researchers have found that in the UK alone, the gambling sector is already worth over £2 billion and it will continue to rise as more and more users get connected via the latest mobile phone technology.

One of the most popular social sites is Facebook where William Hill has collected over 460,000 fans. They post updates several times every day keep those fans up to date with what's happening in the industry, as well as using Twitter to alert them to the latest promotions, big sporting events and new games.

With feeds to other services such as the online Play Radio channed and their dedicated horse racing feed, they can provide their huge fan base with live sports commentary and up to the minute odds on all kinds of events. Naturally, customers can place bets via their smart phones and stay up to date with results and odds as they happen.

This all goes to show that where the means is there, the customers will use it, especially when it's very easy to use while being fast, accurate and secure. Mobile online gaming is the way forward and both operators and customers are taking up the medium with gusto.