New Jersey Online Gambling Regulations Imminent Publication

The move to legal, regulated online gambling in the state of New Jersey came closer with the announcement that regulations are due to be published on 3rd June.

The announcement of the imminent publication of regulations to govern New Jersey's legalised online gambling venture came from the DGE (NJ Division of Gaming Enforcement), which is the primary regulator for all Internet based gambling activity in the state. An aspect of the bill that was recently passed bringing legalised Internet gambling to New Jersey was the approval of sweeping powers given to the DGE over licensing and specifying the kinds of games that may be offered by operators and how they must be operated.

The DGE's draft of the regulations will be available on 3rd June as an integral part of the state's official record. Once published, there will follow a period of public comment input running until 2nd August during which, people are encouraged to leave their personal feedback concerning the regulations. While there is no requirement for the DGE to address any of the comments, they will be made public along with any amendments at the end of the public comment period.

How Will Online Gambling in NJ Work?

The proposals for Internet gambling in the state are similar to those already in operation in Nevada. The proposed regulations are extensive and take up around 70 pages, although the basics can be summarised below:

At the moment, these rules are in draft format and may be subject to change pending the outcome of the public comment process and any salient points for improvement to existing rules that may be raised. This provides a useful forum for individuals to voice their opinions on how they believe the system ought to be run.

Can New Jersey Fly Solo?

The state with its nine million inhabitants could certainly go it alone. It is expected that it could happily support several poker websites and while it may not be on such a grand scale as, say PokerStars, smaller sites could thrive on the existing potential customer base.

It could also grow considerably if players from surrounding states decided to relocate to New Jersey so they can play online in a regulated and legal environment.

Can Other States Network with New Jersey in the Future?

There is a provision in the regulations to allow the state to form partnerships with other states and this is something that will undoubtedly be considered in the future. However, it may not be so easy to for relationships with neighbouring states that are in competition for land-based casino business, such as Pennsylvania for example.

It is more likely that relationships will be developed with those states with more limited forms of Internet gambling such as those restricted to poker or slots.

For more information on the regulations, you can read the draft here: Proposed Rules.