William Hill Earns Big New Jersey Welcome

Respected UK sports betting giant William Hill earns a New Jersey welcome, sponsors $1m Haskell Invitational event on 13th July at Monmouth Park racetrack.

legal sports betting in New JerseySince the recent big legislation changes in the rules governing sports betting came about recently in New Jersey, bookmakers and online betting companies have been lining up to get a piece of the action in the Garden State. William Hill is leading this particular race and making itself highly visible by putting itself in the forefront of the sports betting community.

Sponsorship at Monmouth Park Racetrack

By sponsoring the $1 Million Haskell Invitational Championship Event set to run on 28th July 2013 at the state's famous Monmouth Park racetrack, the UK's well respected high street bookie has gained favour in all the right places. It puts the bookmaker in poll position in readiness for the roll out of legalised sports betting in the state.

While things are still being ironed out with regards to the state's sports betting laws and the opposing sports leagues, sponsoring a major sporting event will certainly do no harm to William Hills push into the US gambling market as and when it opens up.

Sports Betting Laws in New Jersey

Even though the New Jersey governing body passed new laws that permit legal sports betting by citizens residing inside the state border, opposition has mounted with the sports leagues including the NCAA. They have managed to get a federal judge on their side and have managed to gain a temporary block on progress.

The leagues are citing that the integrity of sports in the state is at stake. There is also the issue of Federal Law in place preventing all forms on online gambling. The upshot of this argument is that no further progress can be made until a resolution is arrived at, whether it goes in favour of the sports leagues or the gambling industry.

Where Do We Go From Here?

While things appear to have been smoothed over in the State of Nevada, which some see as the home of gambling thanks to the high profile of Las Vegas and its numerous casinos, the road to legalised sports and online betting in NJ is not so smooth. There will always be opposition to any kind of gambling no matter how nicely packaged it is, so the industry has to work slowly and carefully so as not to tread on toes along the way.

A decision will be made when the Third Circuit Court of Appeals sits to resolve the dispute on 26th June. Until then, residents in the state will have to wait to know whether sports betting will be allowed and if things can further progress to the much hoped for introduction of online betting within the state.