Andy Murray Favourable Wimbledon Draw

This year's tennis competition draw at Wimbledon has been kind to Andy Murray and Betfred have a special deal laid on if he wins the Men's Singles tournament.

andy murray wimbledonThere's nothing quite like the atmosphere of a new Wimbledon tournament getting underway for another year. Players are lining up to compete at the highest level and there is speculation from all ides as to who has the best chances of winning their heats and going on to take the crown for the men's singles, women's singles and the straight and mixed doubles.


Of course there is endless scope for speculators to put their money where their opinions lie and while traditional bookies will doubtless cater for the lion's share of bets, online sports books will make up a large percentage of all bets taken this year. If you prefer to do your betting from the comfort of your own armchair, then there are some great online choices.

Betfred are covering the tournament comprehensively and just to sweeten the pot are laying on a special deal should Andy Murray win the men's singles. If the Brit player make history and comes away with the Men's Singles crown, Betfred will refund all losing single bets up to a max £200 on the outright.

That's a pretty good deal!

Who Do You Think Will Win?

So who do you have down as the most likely probably winner in each class? Will Nadal blitz his way through all the rounds and take the men's singles final? You have to admit he is a veritable whirlwind on court these days.

Or will Murray do it for the home crowd and make a little bit of sporting history to put a British player's name on the cup? Every year the millions of British viewers cross their fingers and hope for one of their own to take the crown.

And what about the women's singles? Will Serena Williams stay true to her present incredible form and flatten everyone who gets in her way to the cup? Who else can stand up to her?

We'll just have to wait and see, won't we?

Whatever you do, grab a chair and try to catch some of the tournament this year at Wimbledon, whether you get to go see it for real or make do in front of the television. Because it promises to be exciting, explosive and great entertainment all round for all lovers of tennis and sports in general.