Wimbledon: Will Murray Do It?

With everything to play for, Andy Murray is one match away from becoming Britain's first Wimbledon men's champion since 1936. Will he be the nation's hero?

The British tennis championships held at Wimbledon each year are always full of drama, glory and heartache for the players who compete. Every year, the British fans have high hopes that the contest will produce a national hero who will take their place in history as one of the very few British winners of the coveted title.

Yet every year, there is disappointment as our hopes are dashed yet again with early exits for players we have put our faith in to at least give the opposition a good run for their money. In the last decade we have seen the likes of Tim Henman and Greg Rusedski get close but not close enough.

Andy Murray

In the last few years, Scotsman Murray has become a real contender for the title, just missing out as runner up in last year's final. This year he is stronger, his game better and his potential higher than ever before.

So has he got what it takes to sweep aside Novak Djokovic in today's final and take the trophy that has eluded male British tennis players for the best part of a century? You'll have to tune into BBC1 at 2:00pm today to find out (or be one of the lucky ones with a seat at centre court to see it live).

Fancy a Bet?

If you fancy putting on a bet, you can do it easily online at Betfred from the comfort of your own favourite armchair if you like. You can get 6/4 on Murray or 8/15 on world number one Djokovic taking his second Wimbledon and galvanising his claim on being the world's best player of the moment.

If you would rather put money on the outcome of each set, you can do that too. Odds range from 4/6 for Djokovic to win first, second or third set, to 6/5 on Murray winning either set.

If you want to place a real outside bet or several, you can bet on the scores in each set. For example, if you think Djokovic will take the first set 6-0, you'll get odds of 125/1 down to 5/1 for a 6-4 win.

Alternatively, you will get 50/1 for Murray to take the first set 6-0, 7/1 for taking it 6-4 or for the real hard core bettors, 11/2 for a Murray 7-6 win in the first set!

However you do it, enjoy!