The Ashes 2nd Test Cute Betting Tips

With an unpredictable start to the second test of The Ashes underway, betting certainties have been thrown into disarray as it's anyone's guess now!

ashes 2nd test bettingWho will grab the initiative and go on to take the Second Test? Will it be England or Australia? Right now there are no firm pointers as to which way it will go in this thrilling if not somewhat frustrating start to the series.

In-Play Bets

But that doesn't mean there isn't room for some in-play betting that can potentially yield some very interesting results if you're following the match live on Sky Sports each day. With both sides showing moments of brilliance and the game going this way and then that, bookies are having a hard time offering odds that will protect them from losing too much.

At the same time, that lack of certainty is sure to be benefiting punters with better than average odds in-play that can yield lucrative results for those who are prepared to take a chance and bet against the run of play. Why? Because the run of play keeps changing and that's what can throw a certain bet down the crapper, while a wild bet can come up smelling of roses!

Online Odds

You can get some of the best in-play odds online at Betfred right now, if you're willing to go for some outside chances. Here are some of the current odds that you might want to try for yourself:

Fancy guessing who will be top batsman in the 1st Innings? Get 4/1 on Chris Rogers, or 5/2 on Michael Clark for Australia. You can get 7/2 for Shane Watson for England if you think getting off the play it safe mindset.

Unless you want really short odds, don't bother with betting on things like total runs (5/6) but instead go for something like first innings top bowler (Stuart Broad pays 3/1 for England), or a more adventurous bet on 8th Man Out for England with 5/4 on it being Tim Bresnan!

Long Odds

If you the idea of taking a side bet on a real outsider, how about 50/1 for Joe Root surprising us all to emerge as 1st innings top bowler for England? Why not? Bowlers have good days and bad days, so who's to say today is not going to be a very good day for Root?

The thing is, while nothing is exactly certain in this test match, you can take what would normally seem like a crazy chance and have a realistic chance of it paying off, especially with in-play online betting. When the play is following the expected run, then bets settle down and you can keep your bankers while having a few side bets on longer odds to cover yourself.

But when play is all over the place like it is right now, there is no better time to throw caution to the wind and simply go for it. You never know what you might walk away with!