Live Casino Now Available on Betfred Mobile

If you haven't already noticed, you can now play live roulette on your phone or tablet with Betfred Mobile Casino featuring real dealers, tables and winnings!

The online casino industry moves fast these days and if you want to keep up with the latest gaming options, you need to be looking at your smart phone or tablet for the latest offerings. Right now you can actually get live casino games such as roulette on your phone and enjoy all the thrill and anticipation of watching a real croupier place the bets, spin the wheel and pay out the winners!

What is the Best Way to Play Live Roulette?

betfred live mobile casino rouletteWhether you choose to use your smart phone (Android or iPhone) or tablet, the best way to get the fastest and most realistic game play is to position yourself in a WiFi zone and play direct off that medium. You can play using the phone's 3G connection, but WiFi will generally be faster.

You need download a small app to your phone/tablet. There are two available from Betfred right now (one for iPhpone/iPad and the other for all Android devices) with more in the pipeline.

Once you have your app installed, you can get started by signing up for an account if you don't already have one and start depositing money to play with.

Get a Free £5 Bet

New signups can take advantage of a free £5 bet that you can use however you want. If you win, you keep whatever you win. If you don't win, who cares; it's not your money you just blew!

While there is still a lot to be said for gaming on a full size computer monitor in terms of realism and excitement, the smaller formats are gaining in popularity thanks to some amazing graphical advances and connection speeds that make it all possible. The coolest way to play has to be on your phone, if for no other reason than it's just so, well, cool!

Just think; a few years ago live games were slow, clunky options that few players even bothered with. But now they have become so streamlined and realistic that more and more players are jumping all over them to get that realism factor in their gaming.

That's not to mention the fact that not only is it an amazing experience to watch a live dealer do their thing, but when you can do it on your phone and rack up some great wins with your friends watching, it's just the best thing ever!

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