Fans Want to Learn to Play Snooker in Droves

More snooker fans than ever want to learn how to play snooker and are turning to online courses like Snooker Guide to help them become the next world champion!

What is it about the game of snooker that invokes such passion and yearning in fans to want to emulate the top professional players? Perhaps it's a combination of factors that makes this intriguing game such a massive hit. Let's take a look at some of them.

Why is Snooker So Popular?

daniel wells snooker guideThis is a game that involves a lot of skill and judgement as well as being able to employ a cunning strategy to beat your opponent at the table. All of the top professionals are able to make big breaks of over 100 on a regular basis, but winning a game is much more than just being able to string together an impressive break.

It is the strategy side of the game that keeps fans glued to the TV to watch out each hard fought frame. That's because even when a player looks like they're coasting on to an easy win, there is almost always something that interrupts that flow and lets the other player in.

A player can come from behind to take a frame using on-table tactics that can frustrate the opponent and swing the frame their way, such as the move that gives the game its name, the "snooker." If you don't already know what that is, you're probably not that interested I this piece anyway!

How Can You Learn to Play Snooker Online?

A question that often confuses people is how they could possibly learn a game that is mostly hands-on but not going anywhere near a table or picking up a cue? I mean an online tutorial course such as the popular "Snooker Guide" program created by professional player Daniel Wells and endorsed by top players such as Peter Ebdon and Ding Junhui.

Well, as already mentioned, this is a game of strategy as well as skill. You certainly need to learn and hone your playing skills on the table and that takes many long hours of practice, but you learn strategy on paper (or as in this case, a computer display).

But how do you learn skills like hot to pot balls, control the cue ball and develop a great and consistently accurate cuing action to begin with? You do that by watching and copying a player who has already mastered these skills.

In short, you learn from a master!

Is it Worth Paying for an Online Snooker Course?

That depends on who is giving the course, what your current playing level is and where you want to take it. There are plenty of free videos you can watch on Youtube with players showing you certain tricks and giving tips. But they only show you snippets of how to improve your game. They rarely if ever show you how to work on your whole game from the ground up.

This is where a good paid course comes into its own. There are some that charge customers a monthly fee for access to the training, but you can also get equally high quality training from a full video course that you can get for a one-off payment.

One of the best of these is the one I already mentioned, by Daniel Wells and it comes at an amazingly low one-time price of just £19.95 when you click the coupon below that locks that low price in when you decide to buy it.

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