CasinoandSportsTalk Commits to Growth in 2014

For 2014 Casino and Sports Talk author commits to increased growth of the site and its coverage of items of interest in the world of online gambling.

growth in 2014While this may not be an internationally renowned newsworthy story, it's one I want to start the New Year off with and get going into 2014 by hitting the ground running. Last year saw the inception of the site and its news section and it has grown only very slowly over the last 12 months.

Onward and Upward

This year I want to do more to add substance to the site itself with more reviews of online casinos, sports betting sites and the many casino games and other aspects of Internet gambling that interest like-minded people enough they want to read about them. There is a wealth of subject matter out there, so it's really just a case of finding items that will lend themselves to being covered and then covering them!

The site itself is certainly not large when compared to the many review and info sites that have been around for several years or more in this field. It's just a baby, but babies grow with surprising rapidity and once they gather momentum, they will thrive as long as they are nurtured.

Giving You What You Want

You, the reader want certain things from the material you read online about your hobby or pastime. Gamers have specific needs in that area and I aim to provide useful and informative material that you will be able to not just read and forget, but digest and retain so that it adds value to your store of knowledge.

I'm very aware that while I'm providing this medium, I am also learning and improving. Here's something that got me thinking:

I heard it said that there is no such thing as an educated person. We are either learning or we're not. The world around us is constantly changing so unless we keep up with those changes by learning and gaining a constantly evolving understanding, we will get left behind.

Another interesting thing I heard is (to paraphrase): "The world will be inherited by the learners, because the learned are perfectly equipped only to master a world that no longer exists."

Keeping Up With Advancing Technology

advancing technologyYou see we are each of us learning as we go. As soon as we stop learning, the world overtakes us and leaves us behind in its wake. So we want to make sure we keep up with everything that goes on that is important to us and gaming is one of those things (when it's an important pastime).

Gaming technology is advancing at a breathtaking speed and we want to make sure we are kept up to date on the important aspects of it that relate to us,such as the move into mobile casinos and the software that drives them, for example. Well, that's why I'm here (and others like me).

I'm keen to stay on top of this game and that means I will keep learning new things as they happen and report about what I'm hearing in this website. I benefit by solidifying what I'm learning be repeating it in writing it down and publishing it in these articles here. You benefit from my work by being able to read about it and come back to it whenever you want to learn more or consolidating what you learned by re-reading it.

What Will 2014 Bring Us?

Do I have any predictions for 2014 from a gaming standpoint? Unfortunately I don't have a crystal ball nor can I see the future on some oddball level, so the best I can do is offer some of the things I'd like to see happen and hope they match some of your own:

Are these little more than excessively lofty hopes and fanciful goals? Maybe, but you have to have some optimism and a little faith that things can get better and attitudes can change.

Let's all hope that 2014 will be a better year for everyone. Happy New Year from me and here's hoping for greater success, prosperity and happiness for everyone!