First Triple A MMA Event of 2014 Opens at Fort Worth

The first major Triple A MMA event of the year in Texas is scheduled for Jan 16 at the Cowtown Coliseum inside the Historic Fort Worth Stockyards.

Enthusiasts of the high energy, fast MMA fight action are going to be excited about this event with a full fight card already listed and scheduled to run on the day. The action starts at 7:00pm so if you're in town on that day and this is your sport, then make sure you have your tickets for this incredible event!

Who to Watch

There are plenty of fights scheduled for the evening, so you are going to well and truly spoiled for choice here. Here is a quick card to get your teeth into:

Fights are typically three rounds with a variety of weights from 120lbs up to 185lbs.

Why MMA?

If you've never experienced mixed martial arts fight events before, you might be a little surprised at what you are letting yourself in for. It has all the power, courage and force of regular boxing or kick boxing but with the action, skill and sheer finesse of several martial arts disciplines to take it to the next level!

As spectator sports go, there are few that can match the energy, speed and skill of MMA. It's definitely one you want to get into if you like real action.

MMA Betting

No sport would be complete without the facility to get involved in the betting side of things and MMA is no exception. You can place bets at the event itself if you're there, but for many fans who simply can't physically get to an event for whatever reason, there are plenty of viable alternatives.

The most obvious and simple way to place bets is online using top sports betting sites. You can get a lot of additional information that will help you make the right choices along with fight preview info, where to bet, predictions and tips so make sure you look into that site because there's a lot going on there.