Gala Bingo App You Can Play Anytime

Are you tired of being chained to your PC at home if you want to play bingo online? Now you can get the smart phone Gala Bingo App and enjoy freedom!

While it is nothing totally new, the mobile phone app from gala Bingo does mean you can play your favourite games anywhere you care to go without having to suffer the old restriction of using a home computer. It's a testament to how far mobile technology has come along with the massive advances in mobile gaming software that this freedom can now be enjoyed by anyone with a smart phone.

The app will work on most mobile devices, such as any Android model, iPhone, Blackberry or Windows Phone as well as tablets such as the iPad or other similar device.

Most Popular Downloaded Gaming App

gala bingo appNot surprisingly, the Gala Bingo App is actually the one most downloaded of all the gaming apps that are currently available in the UK. That is probably due in no small measure to gala being one of the best known bingo brands that has an online site that has been seamlessly replicated for mobile users.

Naturally, before you can start playing using this app, you'll need to set up an account with Gala which is pretty easy to do in any case. Before you go ahead and do that, you might want to read my latest review of Gala Bingo so you'll know exactly what you'll be getting when you become a member and start playing.

Spend £10 and Play with £40 Welcome Bonus

You're probably curious to know what kind of bonus you'll receive when you sign up, since just about all online gaming brands offer a nice welcome sweetener to attract customers. Gala offer a free £30 when you deposit £10 into your new account when you join the thousands of happy bingo lovers at the site.

If you're wondering how the bonus works, here it is in a nutshell.

When you open a new account with Gala, you will be prompted to make your first deposit, which you'll need as funds to buy your bingo cards. Once you have deposited your first £10, follow the instructions on the site to claim your £30 bonus. The money is then transferred into your account so you can spend it on more cards to play with.

Whatever you win, you keep!

This is a great system because it means you use money pre-paid into your account to buy cards and you don't need to fiddle with entering credit card details into a mobile phone every tome you want to buy more. It increases security and saves you hassle!

This bonus is valid when you use the mobile app to play bingo at Gala, so what are you waiting for?

Read my review HERE first. Then if you decide you're going for it, click the advertisement at the bottom of the page to open the relevant page on the official Gala website. Then grab the app, sign up and start playing for some amazing prizes that are on offer every day of the week!

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