Ultimate Fan Promo at titanbet.co.uk Search is On

The search for the top fan of the UK's popular online betting portal titanbet.co.uk is on with great prizes for the winner and all entrants who join in!

titanbet.co.uk ultimate fan promoBe a part of this exciting promotion by simply signing up with Titanbet as a member and getting started today. Anyone can enter as long as they are over 18 and consider themselves responsible gamblers.

The Great Titanbet Promotion

So what actually is this promo all about and what's in store for participants? Well, I can tell you that all you need to do after signing up is to:

Create and build up your own Ultimate Fan profile on the site. You can do that by uploading a video or as many as you want, a photo (or lots of them if you have them) and write some stories about yourself and the club you support. If you want to read more about the site, I wrote a pretty spiffy review of titanbet.co.uk which you can read by clicking that link.

As long as you do all that between now and 3rd May, 2015, you are in with a chance of being voted Ultimate Fan! How you build your profile is up to you of course, and the more creative you can get, the greater your chance of making it to the finish line first.

You can for example, focus on one medium - say video and tell your story captured on your phone or video camera. Or you can experiment with two or all three mediums to build up a fantastic profile that other fans would love to read and watch.

Bottom line is you can do whatever it takes to express your love for your club and put it up there for others to see and of course to make yours the best of all and take that prize!

What is the Prize?

Oh, yeah. The prize! Should have mentioned that already but now is as good a time as any. If you come out top and take the first prize, you will walk away with:

Tickets for two to the top three European football finals:

The prize also includes all travel and luxury accommodation in each city!

Other Prizes

There are also loads of other prizes you can pick up for being the number one fan in this competition. These include:

Other monthly promotional prizes for entrants include GoPro cameras and literally thousands of pounds worth of free bets that are being given away every month!

Are you still reading this and dreaming of winning that first prize? Then what are you waiting for? Sign up using the link below and get started right now!

Bet Online with Titanbet.co.uk

PS: Can you imagine winning this prize and being the one enjoying those top 3 finals, VIP treatment at the matches and luxury hotels along the way? Oh yeah!

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