Zcode Spills the Beans on How to Win Vegas Style

In the latest blog post from Zcode System they talk about how to enjoy winning ways by emulating the way Vegas sportsbooks approach gambling richness!

The main reason why most gamblers lose most of the time is because they take the wrong kinds of chances. Sure you might say that every gamble is a chance or a risk, but there's a certain kind of risk taking that sets the extremely small percentage of winners apart from the vast numbers of consistent losers.

You don't have to look very far to figure out how this works. Las Vegas books and casinos have been using this trick since forever and it's so beautiful in its simplicity, yet so many people simply don't see it.

Don't Follow the Herd

Most gamblers follow each other like a great long line of cattle holding the tail of the one in front, while the winning Vegas moguls and bookmakers everywhere are going in the opposite direction. Does that make sense to you?

If it doesn't make sense, then you might as well stop reading now, because you're probably never going to get it. For those that have seen the light appear above their heads, here's how it works:

Punters will always try and bet against the bookies, because, well that's how everyone believes it's supposed to work and that's what they're supposed to do. But here's the thing. If you bet with the bookie, you instantly put yourself on the winning side, because hey, who always wins in a contest between a bookmaker and a gambler?

The bookmaker of course!

Line Reversals

There is a slick tool called Zcode Line Reversal that works with the sportsbook odds makers in predicting results not based on current form or anything like that but on results the bookies are banking on. It collates data from up-to-the-minute betting trends to see which team the public are betting on most heavily and provides the user with a chart of the most likely results.

These results are based on the fact that bookies will not want to pay out on a heavily wagered team and if something like 80% or better of all the money is going on one team to win, you can bet the bookies will side with the 20% team. What's more, they will win more often then they will lose using this method!

It's a fact!

It's why bookmakers and casinos stay in business and gamblers go broke. They don't bet with the public, they bet against them!

You can copy their success by betting in the same fashion. With the Zcode line reversal tool, you can put yourself in the same place the winners occupy and enjoy reaping the rewards of standing apart from the herd and betting to win.

You can read more about this amazing tool and a full review of Zcode System by clicking that link which will open my own fully detailed and featured coverage of what this system can do for you. Or check the Zcode promo video below. You can be a winner too if you know how!

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