Colossus Bets Review: Your Questions Answered

People who love football can read this and discover Colossus Bets, a football pools style game with a £10m top prize for correctly guessing match scores each week.

This web-based football results predicting game is available to anyone who wants to participate each week and be in with a chance of scooping a fabulous jackpot prize. What's more, it is readily available to anyone with an Internet connection and really easy to use.

There are lots of different games where you can bet on the outcome of any number of football matches each week. But none of them can come close to offering the incredible cash prizes offered in this game.

Not even the traditional football pools can compete with the size of this mammoth jackpot prize that's on offer to all players of this amazing game each week!

Filling a Need

There is certainly a need out there for people to use their knowledge of football and put it to good use in predicting score lines for cash. But few find true fulfilment in merely guessing whether the outcome will be a home or away win or a draw. Many people want to go beyond that and get better odds on predicting the actual final scores of each match.

I'm sure that since you're reading this, you're looking for something that will allow you to up your game. How great would it be to be able to use your considerable knowledge of football teams, players, current form and their potential to make you a lot more money from betting on the scores and not just the win or draw?

Well here it is, waiting for you to take advantage of it! But first of all, let's talk about this game and what it's all about.

What is Colossus Bets?

This is a new kind of football pools game that is much simpler than the old style of pools, but has a much larger top prize pool. There are several different games to choose from, with the top game having a guaranteed top prize pool of a massive

£10 million!

This is a game based on the traditional football pools brought up to date for the 21st Century. You play online via the website, which can be accessed from home computers and laptops as well as from mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones.

Playing this game is simple and fun, with an element of skill involved by choosing what you believe will be the final score of several matches. If you have good knowledge of the top Premier League teams and know their current form, you can have an edge when it comes to guessing the right scores for each match.

Do you think you can accurately guess the final scores of just seven Premier league matches?

Then you can play this game and be in with a real chance of winning the huge, life changing jackpot!

How to Play Colossus Bets

Now on to the interesting part. You've taken a look at the website and you can see it looks really interesting and so tempting to jump right in and start playing. But it's always a good idea to do that when you know how to play the game before you start to avoid making mistakes.

Betting is simplified via the website to make it easy for you to enjoy playing. To play The Colossus, simply click on the link bearing its name near the top left of the homepage. This opens the page displaying seven matches from the Premier League chosen for the current week.

Each of the matches has several boxes depicting possible scores including draws, as follows:

If you don't think the final scores will be any of the suggested ones, you can choose the AOH, AOD or AOA options, which stand for scores of Any Other Home, Any Other Draw or Any Other Away respectively.

This gives you complete flexibility to select the result you choose. It really is this simple in that all you have to do is select which score you believe each match will result in from the scores provided, by clicking the appropriate box for each match. One result from each game represents one "line".

The stake is £2 for each line you wish to play. You can play more lines by choosing additional results. Each single additional score selected represents an additional line. The total stake increases with each new selection so you can see at a glance how much your total stake will be.

Other Games You Can Play

There are other games you can play with fewer games for lower prize money taken from the European league of your choice (accessed by clicking the drop down dark grey box marked "THE COLOSSUS"). Choose from the English Premier League, La Liga or Bundesliga.

Some games have three matches to select scores from for a top prize of £1,000, while others (HDA 8) have eight matches where you can simply select a Home or Away win or a Draw for a top prize of £2,000, or HAD 5 to choose five matches for a top prize of £1,000.

There is also a "Pick 6" game similar to The Colossus with a top prize pool of £2million but you only need to play six matches instead of seven. If you want to know more about the game, you can watch this short video explaining it:

You can join Colossus Bets and start playing now.

So how does this game differ from the traditional pools that people play each week?

Traditional Football Pools Game

The traditional way of playing the pools was to choose eight games from a list of around 49 matches and place a simple "X" in the box next to each match on your coupon to signify your selection. If all eight of your choices resulted in maximum points for that week's results, you won the top prize pool or shared it with anyone else that also had maximum points on their coupon.

Points were allocated as follows:

As you can see, maximum points would be obtained from guessing 8 score draws. On weeks when there were only 8 score draws occurring in the list of matches on the coupon, the chances of someone winning the pool were much slimmer.

But that meant if there was a winner, they would be far less likely to have to share it with anyone else. It was on these weeks that "pools millionaires" were made!

The big difference between the "Pools" and Colossus is that the old paper coupon is done away with and the game is played online. Instead of aiming for a points total, the player now guesses what they believe will be the final score of fewer matches to be in with a chance at the top prize.

How to Get Started

If you're curious to know how, getting started with Colossus Bets is really easy! Simply click the advertisement banner below to open the official website where you can sign up for an account to make it easy to play each week or as much or as little as you choose.

Once you have created an account, you can start playing. You have full control of how much your spend on each game, how many games you play each week or if you decide not to play at all. It has been made as easy as possible to get started and you are under no obligation to play if you do not want to.

So why not give it a go? Click the banner below and be in with a chance of that amazing £10 million prize just for guessing a few football scores and getting them right!

PS: There's no time like the present to get started and make sure you're in with a chance of that incredibly massive top prize. Click the banner right now, sign up and start playing and you never know... today could be your lucky day!

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