How Do Sports Betting Systems Work

There are several betting systems around that make amazing claims of accuracy and win percentages. Find out how they work and how you can use them to vastly increase your win ratio to bank a profit every month in this fascinating article!

Before you go rushing out to sign up for this or that sports pick system or betting formula, you should first understand how they are best used and what to expect from them. That way you won't feel like you didn't get what you expected.

The best way to use this type of betting strategy is to work it like a pro over time and keep reinvesting your winnings to grow your bankroll. Don't expect to be able to bet a dollar and win a million with this kind of setup. That's not how they operate.

How Do They Attain a High Percentage of Accuracy?

accurately hitting the targetWhat these systems do is to focus on a selected number of events each day, then predict the most likely result of each sporting event. They do this by using software to crunch the numbers which are fed in by a team of experts who go into great detail over each opposing team or player's current form.

That sounds like a highly simplified explanation, but this is pretty much how it's done in a nutshell. The actual process is a lot more involved and requires that a huge amount of information is gathered on the teams / players and used to determine which has the best chance of winning.

So let's look at some of the data that is researched and processed to arrive at the results used by these sports betting systems that work.

What Information is Gathered?

When it comes to working with opposing teams as in football or basketball for example, information on each team's recent form will be gathered along with many other recent occurrences to fit all the pieces of the jigsaw together.

These might include any last minute changes to either team, such as one or more key players sustaining injury in training and being ruled out of the side for the game. It could also include recent changes to tactical play made by the team coach hat might unsettle players and cause a drop in performance.

gathering informationSometimes, a player will be caught going out to a party the night before a big game, and this could have an effect on his performance the next day, especially if it was a late night and he is very tired or he maybe drank too much. There are lots of different things that when all added up together can make enough of a difference to an in-form team as to give their opponents a definite edge on the day and upset the bookies by winning against the odds.

When you have several events lined up each day to bet on and so much research has gone into each one to predict the most likely outcome that goes way beyond what the bookies base their odds on, you must see the obvious advantage a person in possession of this information will have over the bookies. Now imagine being able to run all this information through some sophisticated software that will provide finely tuned data for each event and outputting it to a simplified list of predicted results so all you need to do is bet on each event as guided by the list.

Well, this is how these systems work. It is why the people that use them every day end up in profit yet only spend 10-20 minutes per day placing bets and checking the previous day's results and logging their winnings!

Which Betting Systems are Best?

So far I have covered two major systems in this website in full reviews that have gone into great detail about each one of them. I believe these are currently the most productive and accurate as well as being the most popular with sports bettors.

These are Sports Cash System, created by Tony Krieg and is based on a hybrid human and software based process and Z Code System which has been around since 1999 and is a purely software based predictor. Both provide very accurate results and have consistently provided their members with a growing profit month after month.

How Much Do These Systems Make their Members?

Here is the part that the get rich quick brigade will not like to hear, which is why I saved it for near the end and made you read through the whole article to get to it!

You will NOT get rich quick by using these or any other of the available betting programs that are around today. That's because despite their high level of accuracy, you will lose some bets and that cuts down on the profits.

However, how much you will win each month depends entirely on how big your bankroll is. This is because the more you have available to place bets with, the more you will win across all bets. That's pretty obvious but I thought I'd mention it anyway.

Those starting with a small bankroll of say, $100 can expect to make a few hundred dollars in the first months to begin with, while those with much larger bankrolls in the tens of thousands can expect to reap many thousands. It's really all about scaling: the further up the scale you go, the greater the return will be.

How to Maximize these Systems?

betting on poloThe best way to maximize any of these systems is to keep re-investing your winnings into growing your bankroll. That's so you can keep betting higher and higher and so reap ever growing winnings and therefore profits each month.

Think of it like a snowball effect in action. So in that respect, the bigger your bankroll gets, the bigger you can bet and the more you can win and so the bigger your bankroll keeps getting!

So rather than simply place a bet and if it wins, you pocket the winnings and spend it someplace else, with this method, you take your winnings and add it to your bankroll. That way, you don't actually spend any of it (at least in the early stages).

In time, you will have such a large cache of funds that you may start hitting betting limits with some bookies. That's a nice place to be because it means you've reached the stage where your profits are so great that you can now live comfortably off the surplus that you're generating each month.

How do you like the sound of that?

You can find out about each of the systems I've covered so far in this website by clicking on the links below:

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They are both well worth reading to learn about how each works and differs from the other. Then you can decide which is best for you and will satisfy your own expectations of what a viable means of increasing your own bankroll.

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