Sports Arbitrage Betting Software

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to bet on a 100% sure thing that you could not lose? With sports arbitrage betting software, you can do exactly that!

This is a form of betting on a sure thing that absolutely cannot lose, because it entails finding two separate bookies who are offering different odds on the results of certain sporting events.

Those odds will be different enough to make a bet placed on both sides yield a profit no matter who wins or loses!

Just imagine that. Being able to place bets knowing that you simply cannot lose no matter what the result. Are you thinking that this is some kind of crazy dream perhaps? Well you'd be wrong because it's very real!

What is Arbitrage Betting?

The basic principle behind arbitrage betting (often referred to as arbing, or arbs) is locating two bookmakers that offer opposing odds on competing players or teams where a margin of profit exists when both sides are bet on. The best way to describe the concept is to provide a hypothetical example.

sports arbitrage betting tennisLet's say there was a fictitious tennis match scheduled between 70s icons Bjorn Borg and John McEnroe. Bookie No.1 is offering 2/1 on Borg to win, while Bookie No.2 is offering 2/1 on McEnroe to win. This is the perfect situation to provide us with an arbitrage bet, or a bet that is placed on both players when the odds given by different bookmakers are reversed.

In this fictitious example, if you were to bet £100 on Borg with Bookie No.1 and £100 on McEnroe with Bookie No.2 it wouldn't matter who won, because whatever the outcome, you would be in profit. Tennis is an excellent example as there must be an outright winner, never a push (or draw).

Let's say that in this example, Borg won. Here's how your bets would pan out:

So effectively, you spent £200 to win £100.

This is putting it very simply for the purposes of example. In practice, odds are generally a lit slimmer, so a total outlay of £200 in stake money may realistically return a lot less. For arbitrage bets to yield a profit, the potential winnings must exceed the stake.

Which Sports are Suitable?

Of course, the nature of this kind of betting tends to rule out a lot of sports. The only ones that are viable are those where there are only two opponents and there must be a win or loss result.

That rules out league football, since a draw is fairly common. Rugby, basketball, hockey and similar team games are also risky, since even though the scores are much higher, there is still the chance of a draw.

That leaves games like tennis, badminton or table tennis as most favoured, with other sports such as boxing, martial arts, sumo wrestling being highly favoured.

Certain golf tournaments can yield good results when betting on the final position of players rather than winners. A few football matches qualify such as cup matches where there must be a winner even if it means the match has to be decided by penalties.

How It Was

In the old days before sophisticated personal computers, the Internet and online bookmakers, trying to make any money from arbitrage betting was a full time occupation in itself. It took a lot of time to find two separate bookmakers that offered reversed odds on players in suitable sporting events.

What made things more difficult was the lack of readily available fixed odds betting on the kind of sports that would satisfy the necessary criteria to make an arbitrage bet workable. It meant not just finding the right bookmakers, but then taking away reams of printouts to pour over to find worthwhile arbs.

In fact, profit margins were slim and finding suitable bets were hit and miss so most gamblers shunned the practice through sheer lack of viable results.

Technology Made Arbing More Viable

arbitrage betting technologyThe introduction of the Internet and online betting coupled with greater choice in the kinds of bets available has created an environment where arbitrage betting can flourish. Of course, if your were to try and do things manually, on your own, you would still come up against a mountain of hard work to find the right bets at different online bookies that would yield enough of a profit to make it worthwhile.

But thankfully there is a software based solution that takes all the hard work out of the task of finding suitable bets. Of course, you need to have access to this kind of software and its existence is not very well publicised.

Not only that, but it doesn't come for free! That means you have to be very sure you are prepared to take a small risk that the cost of access to the necessary software will be absorbed by your winnings to the point where you are in profit every month.

Where Can You Get Access to Arbitrage Betting Software?

That's the big question that a lot of sports bettors wonder. Because they can't find it easily, most give up and just return to their habitual ways of gambling without giving it a second thought.

But since you're reading this, I'm willing to bet that you are of a more determined nature and are keen to find out more about arbitrage software, am I right?

It just so happens that I know of a pretty highly respected software program that was built precisely for this task of uncovering suitable arbitrage bets at online bookmakers. I'll be honest here, it's not for everyone.

You will need to get signed up at several different online bookmakers and that means depositing money into each account so that you are ready to place bets at short notice. It also means that you need to have sufficient finds to place the largest bets you can on suitable picks in order to reap the best profits.

Are you game for this?

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sports arbitrage betting software review

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