Sports Cash System vs Z Code System

In this mega review, I line up the clash of the sports betting pick Titans and compare Sports Cash System and Z Code System to see who is best!

For sports betting enthusiasts who like the idea of using the vast resources that someone else has amassed to find the best and most lucrative sports picks each day so you can virtually guarantee you'll be in profit, either of these programs will do the job.

But which one does that job the best?

That's what I'll be looking at here, by delving into the hard facts about success statistics and what you can realistically expect for your money should you decide to sign up with either one.

After all, it's always hard to argue with the facts when they're presented to you in black and white.

But first of all, a short introduction to the what these betting systems can and cannot do.

Sports Betting Systems: Expectations and Limitations

sports betting systems expectationsAs already explained in the several articles already published ion this site covering sports betting systems and how they work, what they do and what you can get from them, the concept behind tem is to provide you with viable sports bets with a very high probability of winning each day.

They do that by obtaining and correlating a huge amount of data about each sporting event occurring on the day and then applying metrics to determine which competitor is most likely to win.

Of course, nothing to do with gambling can possibly come with a cast iron 100% guarantee of success apart from arbitrage, which is whole other ball game entirely.

But with the right information, it is possible to make a very strong estimate of which competitor is most likely to win.

Can I Make My Own Sports Picks?

If you were to try this yourself, you could do it. But you'd spend an enormous amount of time gathering the information about each competitor and the event itself to find what can influence a player's form on the day sufficiently to enhance or hamper their performance.

So yes, you could do it if you chose for example one event each day and put everything you could possibly think of into the equation. If you chose a two player sport like tennis where the variables are cut down to the bare minimum, you could realistically guess which player is most likely to win.

You then bet on that player and rake in the profit when they win. Then you do that every day for a month and while you will have some losses, your wins will invariably be greater than your losses, leaving you in profit.

Scaling Up Sports Picks

If you were to then scale up the process and choose several events each day, you could create for yourself a tidy profit if you worked hard and crunched the numbers. Unfortunately, there are limitations to what an individual can do.

Gathering all the information you'd need on sports people to make this work would be a feat in itself. You would need information that's not only relevant to their sport but also delve into their personal lives to find things that might unsettle them emotionally as well as physically.

All these things can influence their mindset and therefore their performance on the day.

Multiply all that information gathering by several times and you will suddenly find you don't have enough hours in the day to coalesce and apply all that information. So you'd have to cut corners and this will invariably reduce the effectiveness of the results you could expect to get.

That means potentially narrower profit margins or even losses which would render the exercise unworkable. So what is the answer?

Pay Someone Else to Find the Sports Picks

sports betting time is moneyIt's pretty obvious really, but the sensible solution is to simply hand over all that work to the professionals and they them provide you with a selection of daily sports picks that you can bet on. This is where programs like Z Code and Sports Cash System come in.

Instead of spending all your waking hours gathering data and calculating probable results, you simply pay the experts to do it for you!

These sports pick programs both provide you with daily porting event picks that have been selected for their high probability using the kind of information I just described to arrive at the best ones. The difference between the two is that one program uses a mix of sports betting experts and software to work on the data, while the other uses a highly sophisticated software system to arrive at the results.

So which one does what and how do they compare in terms of success percentages? I'll take each one and tell you!

Sports Cash System

This program uses the human element combined with software to arrive at the daily picks they send you by email. It is then up to you to place the bets on those choices, taking as few or as many as you decide you want to.

This program was conceived and launched by its creator, Tommy Krieg, a professional sports handicapper and maths expert in 2006

I would recommend you read my Sports Cash System review here to get the full story on how it works then come back here to continue with the comparison. You naturally want the bottom line which is how successful this program is in terms of hard success percentages.

Sports Cash System claims an average of 94% or better success rate.

Z Code System

On the other hand, this program relies purely on a very sophisticated and finely tuned software program to crunch all the numbers and arrive at the most probably wining results each day. Those results are also emailed to you each day.

This program has been running since 1999, so there is the longevity aspect to consider when comparing the two. In that time, they have made a lot of sports bettors a lot of money and grown the bankrolls of thousands of punters.

To get the full story on how this one works, I'd recommend you read my Z Code System review here, then come back to complete this comparison. The success rate for this system is also incredibly high.

Z Code System claims an average of 86.5% or better success rate.

How Much Do They Cost?

Getting down to the nitty gritty, you need to know how much these programs will cost you. They both operate a monthly membership, which you pay through a rebilling system that takes funds from either your credit card or your PayPal account depending on what you used to sign up with.

Sports Cash System costs $149 per month although there is a $4.95 one week trial offer so you can check it out first to see how it works.

Z Code System costs $198 per month and there is no trial offer. You simply sign up and start paying full price from the word go.

What Do You Get?

With both systems, you get solid betting picks each day, but you have to understand these are NOT get rich quick schemes. They are both more akin to daily sports investment programs where you invest your bankroll to grow it day by day.

Over a month, as long as you followed the system and used it every day, your bankroll will have grown substantially. The larger your bankroll gets, the more you can invest each day and the larger it will continue to grow, just getting faster all the time.

That's because your daily bets will increase as your bankroll allows. The more you have to bet with, the greater the winnings, which in turn means a larger bankroll and more to bet with each subsequent day.

I think you can see how this can, over time, turn into a massive money making machine!

Bonuses and Tools

Each system comes with its own collection of bonus offers and tools you can use to further increase your winning chances each month. These include detailed tutorials and video instruction manuals on how to get the maximum from the process.

Sports Cash also provides you with a members forum where you can stay up to date with all aspects of sports betting and changes that happen as they happen.

Z Code provides a line reversal tool that displays live changes to Vegas lines, spreads and totals, plus odds, charts and public percentages on each team in real time. There are several other handy tools in the suite that members have access to such as a totals predictor, a current trends oscillator, MLB pitcher oscillator and a power rankings indicator (see the Z Code site for more details).

Conclusions: Which System is Best

Now that you have seen the two systems compared, you can fairly well see which does what and what you can expect from them. As to which is best, a lot of it comes down to personal preference.

Personally, I like aspects of both systems:

Sports Cash System Pluses

Here are some of the plus points I like about this system:

Z Code System Pluses

And here are a few of the plus points I like about this system:

All in all my personal preference is for Z Code, despite the greater monthly cost, since I can nullify that cost by making a far greater profit from using the picks to grow my bankroll. But you have to decide what you want and what you expect for yourself, as it's your money you will be spending and using to make more of it.

Ultimately then, the decision is yours. If you are up for a slightly bigger risk with verified long term results backed by a 100% transparency policy, Z Code is the best of the two. But if you're not convinced but want to try a sports pick system to see how well you can do, then I'd say start with Sports Cash System for a lower monthly cost risk.

You can change systems any time you want of course. If you decide you're happy with your choice and it is making you a good consistent profit each month, then use your common sense and stay with it!

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