What is the Best UK Online Casino?

So you live in the UK and like the idea of playing at an online casino that is fully regulated, secure and comes recommended by others. That makes good sense and is a very sensible path to follow. There are way too many rogue sites out there that are after your money or your personal details, so it pays to sign up with a legitimate casino site.

what is the best uk online casinoIn fact, being a UK player is a great place to be right now, as this is one of the few countries in the world where gaming is completely open, legal and properly regulated. So what are the best online casinos to visit and try out for size?

The Best UK Casino Sites

First of all, before simply naming names and expecting you to run over to them like an obedient puppy, it's only fair to make some reasonable assumptions about what constitutes the "best" of the bunch. And why we would put our reputation on the line and make such a recommendation.

The opinion of what the most important criteria is for choosing a site to visit will differ from person to person and even from expert to expert. But from a common sense viewpoint, while the attractions of a great bonus and an amazing selection of all the best, latest and most exciting games may be uppermost in many people's minds, surely the most important aspect of a site is its trustworthiness?

So what sets certain sites above the others for this lofty accolade of user respect and trust?


There are just some sites that have been around for a long time and have steadily built up a reputation for trustworthiness by their ever growing member base. There are others that have earned a high trust rating by being fully compliant with UK gaming regulations and have been transparent with regards fair gaming practices and auditing.

You can often find in the top gaming forums a section where members recommend their favourite sites and why, along with those that call out the rogue sites. Wading through piles of forum threads that are generally full of inane chit chat to get to the meaty posts can be extremely time consuming and at times, frustrating to say the least!

I know, I did exactly that to come up with a short list of what I consider to be the most trustworthy and safe sites that are UK based and cater primarily for UK players. If you're keen to look over some really good online casinos that do not rip you off, but on the contrary are trustworthy and safe to use, you'll find them listed toward the end of this article.


Another factor in the process of discovering the very best online casino bonus sites that are available to UK players is in scoping out the really great bonus offerings and whether each site delivers the goods. You see plenty of sites advertising truly mind boggling bonus offers, only to discover that when you do sign up, you don't get the whole bonus to start with but have to make a series of deposits over time to get them.

That can be frustrating and downright annoying, especially if you are the kind of player that likes to wade in with a big initial deposit in expectation of an equally big cash match bonus. So we've chosen sites that deliver what they claim!

Top Games

We like games that are fresh, exciting and make us want to play them a lot! Games need to have that extra attraction that sets them apart from the rest and provides us with a reason to choose them over other games.

Of course, they don't always have to be brand new to do this. Some of the older games that are popular on many casinos are that way because they are simply amazing! Others were just so great when they first appeared they simply haven't been bettered.

So we look for sites that can offer us a really good selection of really attractive, exciting and moreish games and not necessarily the biggest collections of titles. Some of the best UK casinos actually have far smaller game itineraries than others, but the games they do have come as a concentration of greatness rather than an overwhelming list of so-so titles.

Quality over quantity, in other words!

The Wow Factor

the wow factorLastly, a site has to have that level of attractiveness that goes beyond great looking, kick ass graphics or flashy bells and whistles. It has to have a "Wow Factor" that sets it apart from the rest!

We look at lots of online casinos and spend a little time assessing their ability to grab us by the lapels and scream, "PLAY ME NOW!"

They may be big or they may be small or they may be somewhere in between, but size doesn't always matter when it comes to player satisfaction! What does matter is getting that tingling feeling inside that speaks volumes without saying much of anything.

The Best UK Casinos

So now you know where we're coming from, let's lay it on the table. In our opinion, here are some of the best online casinos for UK players. Remember, this is our opinion and you might have other ideas after visiting them.

But we've chosen them on the basis of all the above factors and come up with a list of safe, trustworthy, well stocked and exciting places to play your favourite games. Take a look at these:

  • No.
  • Casino
  • Bonus
  • Rated
  • Review
  • 1.
  • Betfred Casino
  • £200
  • 9.8
  • Review
  • 3.
  • O'Reels Casino
  • £200
  • 9.7
  • Review
  • 4.
  • Betfair Casino
  • £300
  • 9.7
  • Review
  • 7.
  • Europa Casino
  • £2,450
  • 9.5
  • Review
  • 8.
  • Kerching Casino
  • £500
  • 9.5
  • Review
  • 9.
  • Jackpot Jones Casino
  • £500
  • 9.5
  • Review

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