Are These the Best Mobile Slots Games to Play

Anyone who loves playing online slots will want to know what are the best mobile slots games to play on a mobile phone. Well, you can read this and find out which are the best of the bunch!

hi-roller mobile slots gameIn fact, thanks to the explosion in mobile technology and advances in software to take advantage of the vastly improved hardware, mobile gaming has become as realistic and exciting as playing on the bigger home desktop displays. The real benefit is of course that you can do it from just about anywhere you can get a decent mobile or WiFi signal (which is most of the country).

What Makes a Mobile Slots Game Exciting?

One of the hardest things developers had to overcome when creating slots games for mobile devices was to make them seem realistic and inject a large dose of excitement. It was a pretty tough call when they were limited to very small displays.

But thanks to the new generation of smart phones with larger touch screen displays such as the iPhone and Android phones for instance, the graphics are now so amazingly realistic that the smaller size is no longer an issue. In many respects, there are even some advantages to the smaller display in that it forced developers to do away with much of the irritating extraneous bells and whistles that crowded desktop casino games to make for cleaner and straight to the point game play.

That one aspect of smaller displays has meant game creators have been led to create games that retain all the excitement of their larger screened versions but with a more direct and focused game play element. That aspect of smaller screen slots games in particular has actually increased excitement rather than taking away from it.

New Games

Not only have established games had to be re-engineered to provide gamers with an exciting and thrilling set of games to get their teeth into, but many more new games have had to be created to cater for an ever growing hunger for new play options and variety. Mobile game sites are therefore adding new games to their portfolios all the time, which has to be a good thing for the industry and players alike.

Whether players feel that the new games are any better or more playable than the old ones is wholly subjective and down to individual preferences. But most of the new games have evolved precisely because they have had to be seem as extremely attractive to the new breed of mobile gamers who often only play on their phones or tablets.

Where You Can Find These Great Games

These days, many of the top online casino sites provide a dedicated mobile version where you can find some really cool slots to play, such as Mobibet, 10bet and Leo Vegas. But while they have a pretty decent collection of titles, I believe you still can't beat a dedicated mobile slots site such as Pocket Fruity for example.

Here is a site that just does slots and they do it very well, I have to say. I play there myself on my aging Samsung Galaxy S+ and the experience is pretty amazing!

Which Are the Best Mobile Slot Games?

So which of the new or even among the established slots games would we consider to be the "best" for mobile gaming? Well, that depends on several factors that all have to be considered. They include:

These criteria are probably more important from a gamer's point of view than more mundane things like payout percentage (unless it's way different form the established norm), number of reels or win lines or pay options. While these things will also have some influence on whether an experienced gamer will choose a particular game, for most players, it's all about the attractiveness and desirability factors that dictate whether they want to play a game or not.

Here is a short list of games that we find personally fun and exciting to play on the small screen that also have all the right ingredients for "must play" enthusiasts:

High Roller:

This is a great 4 reel mobile slots game that has win lines on 3 or 4 reels for more winning lines. There is a super feature that allows you to increase the value of wins and plenty of icons for variety and a free spin icon that is always a welcome sight! Jackpot is variable £4,000-5,000 so its not one to be sniffed at!

Aztecs Treasure:

If you like really big, brash games, this is a really good one for you. Five reels set out with suitably ritualistic rune-like symbols and images provide loads of different ways of winning a nice selection of prizes from a few coins right up to a pretty hefty progressive jackpot that can spill a life-changing million-plus downpour of moolah into your lap at any moment!

Featuring some nice bonus rounds but not too many distractions, this game gives you plenty of chances where you can pick up free spins and multipliers to increase your winning chances at every turn. Check this full review of how to play Aztecs Treasure for more info. I'm betting you'll love playing this one as much as I do!

Snake Charm:

This is an older three reel mobile game but one that is a firm favourite of many players thanks to its initial simplicity plus its extra internal game of snakes and ladders that can mount up the cash win. Get three snake head on the win line and you can start the snakes and ladders style game that has you sliding up ladders and down snakes to win bonuses and cash prizes. There is a progressive jackpot on this game putting you in with a chance for a big top prize.

Paid in Chelsea:

Here is a fun game with three reels and five win lines that can bring you really decent jackpot wins across nine play levels. There is a variety of feature games and bonus spins that give you loads more chances to win cash prizes.

Grand Master Cash:

Another great three reel, five win line game with lots of options to win cash prizes. There is an amazing cash blaster feature that you need to work your way through eight stages to get to, but it's worth it for a chance at a really handsome jackpot prize via three hi-lo reels.

So you can see there is a lot of great stuff out there to be enjoyed at your convenience wherever you may find yourself armed with a phone and some time to kill. Whether on a mobile is the best way to play slots or not is a point that can be argued back and forth until the cows come home, but the final wholly subjective answer must surely be with the individual player and how they like to play.

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