Mobibet Mobile Casino Review

Clever players who are looking for something new and exciting in a mobile casino might want to check out Mobibet for a great alternative.

This review is for gamers who like the idea of playing mobile casino games but want to try them somewhere different that provides a great player experience and amazing games.

You've seen all the usual suspects in online casino mobile offerings, like the big name operators, some of whom I have also featured and reviewed in this section of this site. But there's a kind of psychology to getting too comfortable with names you are familiar with that sort of dulls the thrill factor.

Sure, it's tough to beat the quality of games and site user-bility of the likes of Ladbrokes, William Hill and Betfred to name but a few. But when things start to lose their lustre and sparkle, it's time to look for new greener pastures.

Well jump over that fence you've been sitting on and take a look at how green the grass is in the Mobibet field!

What You Get at Mobibet Mobile Casino

mobibet mobile casinoYou're in for a nice surprise when you open the Mobibet casino in your mobile phone or tablet. I took my ever present oldie (Samsung Galaxy S+) but goodie and did just that so I could get a first hand look at the site, mooch around in there and tell you what I found.

I found a treasure trove of games not available on other mobile sites that use the bigger software providers to power them (namely Microgaming and Playtech). This is because Mobibet's mobile offering is powered by Swedish software company Net Entertainment (NetEnt) which is gathering momentum rapidly as a force to be reckoned with in the gaming industry.

Because the software comes from a different place to the mainstream brands, there are some refreshingly novel titles to choose from and lots of them. I was pleasantly surprised at how many games I found in there! Here is what I found on the Android platform (iOS users will also be suitably impressed, I guarantee):

Video Slots

For sheer number of video slots available to play on a phone, this casino beats all the others hands down. Just look at all those titles below and drool!

That's 49 titles! I'll say that again because it's more than double what I got on the best of the other mobile sites. 49 video slots titles!

I chose Merlin's Millions to play and get the feel for on the phone. It was very easy to get started. Tap the spanner icon top right to open the betting panel where simple up/down arrows set the betting level, number of win lines and number of auto spins. Press the Home icon top left to return to the lobby.

I wanted to play some more games, but needed to get a good spread to review first. OK, I admit it, I went back later and played some more but I don't want to spoil the surprise for you by telling you about them all, now do I?

Table Games

With five titles in this section, Mobibet beats the other mobile casino's I've reviewed so far for choice and variety. Again. This is pretty incredible and I have to take my hat of to these guys for putting together such a slick and well featured mobile gaming site. Here are the game titles:

The roulette game is the European version (single zero) and surprisingly easy to play. I had no trouble at all swiping my chip to the right place on the table and tapping the spin button opened the roulette wheel doing its thing. Winnings paid out automatically (and losing bets deducted, meh...) to my account. I had to play a few games just to make sure I was doing it right (wink, wink).

I couldn't resist trying a couple of hands of Casino Hold'em. I tapped the £25 chip then tapped the Ante icon to get going. I tapped Deal and got two jacks and a pair of tens in the flop, I call, the dealer reveals a 3 and a 2 and I win £75. Easy!

I wanted to play them all. So I did. Bad boy!

But I don't want to give you too many spoilers. So suffice it to say, they all played really easily and I really enjoyed trying them out. Only for the purposes of this review you understand (tongue wedged firmly in cheek)!

Classic Slots

I can't help but just love those classic, beautifully simple and straightforward slots. Eight titles were available at the time of reviewing the site:

So, on the excuse I need to just try out a couple more slots to make sure I have a good feel for this site, I chose Ace of Spades (I like this from full size casinos and wanted to see how it compared). It's a really simple 3 reel game with a simple slide bet wheel to choose between a 0.25, 0.50 or 0.75 coin, then tap Spin to roll those reels.

This game is so easy to play I got a little carried away for a while. But it wasn't long that I found my phone's battery getting worryingly low. So I had to leave the casino but with a slightly healthier balance than I went in with!

Advantages of Mobibet Mobile Casino

I was actually blown away by how good this casino was on my little phone. It easily beats hands down the bigger brand casinos on all counts.

I have a feeling that a lot of gamers are going to like this site especially for playing on a small phone screen when they're out and about. It is far away the best site I've seen yet and that is reflected in the league table of sites I've reviewed that you can see on the main Mobile Casino Reviews page.

Disadvantages of Mobibet Mobile Casino

I'm struggling to find any downsides to this casino that I could find on my little S+ phone. All the games I tried were little short of spectacular considering the very small display and every aspect of every game was easy for me to navigate around.

All the buttons were easy for my fingers to tap on and sliding chips to the right places was a doddle. But I guess I have to list something in this part, so this is something that is actually common to all mobile casinos that are played on a phone:

So you see I struggled to come up with any bad points there, but in the spirit of things, nothing is perfect. But to be hones, this site is as close as I've been to gaming Nirvana on my little smart phone!


It's all well and good wanting to play it safe and sign up with a big brand name you know and maybe trust to play on your phone or tablet.

Just for the record, I did not test this site out on a tablet. Nor have I with any of my mobile casino reviews for good reason. A tablet has a much bigger display, close to many netbooks that a lot of gamers used to use for playing on the go before tablets became affordable and mainstream.

My opinion is that if a mobile site can perform well on my small phone it will perform on any smart phone. And it's about being able to use a phone for its small size and portability that makes mobile gaming so attractive. After all, who can just whip out a big tablet from their breast pocket?

Long and short, NetEnt has produced the best mobile games I've seen so far and I'm talking beating out the big boys like Microgaming and Playtech for sheer playability and ease of use. Mobibet's mobile games might have fewer bells and whistles than the bigger boys, but when playing on a phone screen I really like not having all that unnecessary encumbrance to ne honest.

Smart players will choose the games that give the most entertainment value for the smallest playing package and Mobibet in conjunction with NetEnt has done that for me. If you want to get a taste of the best of the best, I'd appreciate you clicking the advertising banner below that will redirect you to the Mobibet site where you can sign up and get playing for yourself. Thanks!

mobibet mobile casino review

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