Casino Roulette Online: Why You Must Try It!

For most people whenever they think of a casino, the first image that springs to mind is a roulette wheel, a croupier and players standing around the table placing their chips on the numbered squares. But not everyone who wants to play roulette can easily get to a casino to play the game. However, that doesn't mean you can't play!

casino roulette onlineIf you have access to a personal computer, laptop, or more recently a tablet or even a smart phone, you can log in to an online casino and enjoy a game or two of roulette! It's so easy to do this.

Once you've played online and experienced how great it is, you may be forgiven for wondering why anyone even bothers to visit real casinos any more!

For the Excitement

Why do most people play roulette at the best sites? Well, the number one reason has to be for the sheer excitement and thrill of the game. There is so much tension once you've placed your bet and the wheel begins spinning, then the explosion of breath as the ball lands on your number that it's truly hard to beat in terms of sheer exhilaration.

This is also a very easy game to play, as it doesn't require any kind of skill to learn or strategy to worry about. You simply need to have an understanding of the different bets that can be made and then simply place a bet and wait to see if you've won!

Winning Ways

So how do you go about winning this game, if it's so easy? Well, like every game of pure chance, the outcome of the roulette wheel cannot be influenced by skill or strategy. But you can give yourself the best chance of winning by keeping a cool head when betting.

To get the best odds, you should play a table with a European wheel, as this only has a single zero "0" as opposed to the American wheel which has two zeros "00". The extra double zero on the American wheel gives the house a better edge, taking a small percentage of your winning odds with it. If you want to get the hang of a certain game, the best thing to do is get those big, fat, juicy bonuses. Foxy Casino has a very attractive welcome bonus for new signups and you may want to read my review of Foxy Casino by clicking that link to see what they're offering right now.

Or while you're about it, another really cool gaming portal that I have recently also covered in my review of Kerching Casino might grab your attention if it's big and beautiful welcom bonuses that get you all excited!

To maximize your bankroll, the safest bets are the evens bets, which are red/black, odds/evens or high/low. Any one of these bets give as close to a 50/50 chance of winning as the house edge allows. But beware of the gambler's fallacy!

Gambler's Fallacy

This is a myth that says if you stick to a system at a game of chance you will eventually win. That is not true. It may be tempting to keep playing for a win on "red" over and over in the belief that the "odds" say that if black wins, then red must win next time, but the truth is somewhat different.

In fact, each and every new spin of the wheel will bring a completely independent result from the previous spin. That means that theoretically, black could keep coming up time after time and not be affected by any kind of "law of averages" or other rule attributed to games of chance.


You will have no better chance than anyone else of choosing the winning number, colour or group of numbers whether you play to a system or simply play a hunch. In fact probably the best and most enjoyable way of playing roulette is to absolutely play your hunches every time.

Your own intuition can potentially provide you with a better chance of winning than any system. In fact, players who are in "the zone" will tell you that they are playing purely on hunches and not on any kind of systematic strategy.

It makes for a more exciting and interesting game that you will really get a buzz out of. Even if you are playing roulette for free to gain experience and learn the ropes before comitting to using your own money to bet with, it's a truly awe inspiring game!

So what are you waiting for? Get into an online casino reviewed here and start playing this amazing game right now!

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