Shock Announcement: Get a Free Bet on Brazil v England!

Place a £10 or more In Play bet on today's England v Ireland game with Betfred and you'll get a free £10 bet for Brazil v England on Sunday!

Free bets don't come much sweeter than this. Football fans across the UK and Ireland are set to descend on the major sports websites today and inundate them with bets on who will win the International between England and the Republic of Ireland.

Betfred Are Giving Away Free Bets

ten pounds free betIf that's you, then why not get onto the Betfred website if you're planning on betting at least £10 and take advantage of their generous one time bonus offer of a free £10 bet on Sundays big match between Brazil and England?

You'd be crazy not to!

Come on, think about it. Say you were planning on going to a restaurant in the high street but couldn't decide which to choose from. Then you heard one of them was giving away a free meal for next weekend if you dined there tonight. Wouldn't you choose that restaurant over the others?

Of course you would!

Then how about accepting some free money for doing what you were already going to do anyway? It's that simple!

Your Choice

You have a choice of online bookies to choose from and now I'm telling you that Betfred are the one giving away the free £10 bet. You're going to bite my hand off to get it, aren't you? Well, get your mouse, click on the review link below and grab the latest great offer after you read my review!

Betfred Sports Review

You can tell them I sent you!

PS: If you're hesitating to take this offer perhaps because you think there mighty be some kind of catch, you'd be right. The catch is that Betfred wants you to be their customer. So they're making you this offer in the hope that you'll become their long term loyal customer.

Of course you don't have to be their long term customer if you don't want to. You can take the free bet, place it, collect your winnings (if you choose the winning side, of course) and then walk away, richer and happier.

But I think that once you've taken a look at Betfred's website and placed a wager or two there, you'll agree with me that it's a great online bookie, easy to use, fast and secure. Plus the name has a big reputation preceding it that is your guarantee they will look after you.

Give it a shot. What have you got to lose (apart from a free tenner bet for the weekend...)?