Betfred Sports Review

Do not sign up with an online bookmaker until you read this! Betfred Sports provides everything you need to bet interactively no matter what your preferred sports might be.

This in-depth review of one of the UK's favourite online bookmakers reveals all and tells you how you can make the most of this first rate Internet bookie.

There are several long established high street bookies that now provide their customers with an online alternative to placing bets on their chosen sports without them needing to leave their homes or visit a brick and mortar betting shop.

Beftred are well known as a pioneering online bookmaker and is one of the best loved by Britain's punters.

First of all, what are you looking for in an online sportsbook?

What do you see as the most important aspects of betting via the Internet and what advantages and disadvantages do you believe exist with this form of betting? We'll look at all these aspects and many more in this review.

What Sports Bettors Need

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Probably one of the most important questions you have to ask yourself is what you actually need in an online betting solution. What do you believe an online bookie can provide for you that you can't get from a high street betting shop?

Let's have a little brainstorming session on what the problems are with the traditional way of placing bets for many punters and see what comes out of it.

You may or may not notice one or more of the following points agrees with your own feelings or views on this.

Problems with High Street Bookies

You are probably already aware of the situation if you use a high street betting shop. Maybe it's fine for you to visit there for some forms of sports betting like horse racing. But if you prefer to bet on other sports like football or tennis, there will be times when it's just not convenient.

Say you're watching a tennis match live on TV and you fancy placing a bet on who will win the next set or even the next game. You can't just jump out of your seat, fly to the bookies and put the bet on. You'll likely miss the opportunity if there's heavy traffic or some other obstacle blocking your journey and you turn up a few minutes late and they won't accept your bet.

Advantages of Online Sports Betting

betfred sports reviewThere are some really obvious advantages to be had with betting online. The best known of these simply has to be convenience.

Say you want to place that bet on the next set of our example tennis match just as the current set is winding up and the underdog is having an unusually good run of play.

If you're already a signed up member of an online bookie like Betfred, you can simply log in, navigate straight to the betting card for that match, see at a glance the odds and place your bet before the players have finished eating their bananas and drinking their juice!

How amazing is that!

Let's look at some of the other benefits of being a member of an Internet bookmaker like Betfred:

The list is already pretty long and can go on, but that'll keep you reading all day and likely bore you to sleep. I'm sure you get the idea: Online betting has so many advantages over the more traditional kind it's not funny!

What Sports Does Betfred Cover?

This is one of the big advantages of using Betfred because there is such a wide variety of sports betting opportunities that are covered here. There are regular options, seasonal ones and the odd speciality that you can go for. Here are some of them:

Regular Sporting Choices:

Seasonal Sporting Choices

Speciality Bets

Live Commentary Availability

There is also a great live sports commentary service available so you can keep up to date with several major sporting events as well as get the latest sporting news live as it happens. It's all done via live streaming so you get the news as it's reported.

Here are the main categories currently available:

As well as the live commentaries, you can also get up to the minute betting news, race card and results all from the website. This is a great way to stay in touch with the information that you need to have when you're planning your own betting strategy.


There are always great promotions and bonus offers happening at Betfred Sports that existing members can take advantage of.

New members on sign up can also access some very special deals, such as the TV advertised bonus that you receive after your initial deposit amount of the current minimum (see official site for latest details). It's literally free money for you to place on whatever sporting event you want.

Massive Odds

There is another great deal for someone just signing up and that's a promo called Massive Odds. This one offers crazy high odds on individual football match results, like the recent 4/1 on Chelsea to win at home to Liverpool.

Oh, and yes, Chelsea won and a lot of happy new members got a very nice payday thanks to Betfred's generosity!

Half Time Competition

For those that like to keep the momentum going through the day, there is the popular Half Time Competition with some great prize giveaways for bets placed at half-time TV advertisement breaks that are available throughout the domestic football season.

This is a competition that is free for all bettors to enter, so you might as well take advantage of them when they appear!

Goals Galore

If you like predicting football match results with a scoreline, this one is for you. Betfred Goals Galore allows you to choose from a minimum of three matches that you believe both teams will score. When they do, you win!

You can win a lot of money at this special competition if you choose to bet on more than three matches as the more you include in your selection, the greater the odds and winning payouts.

Double Delight and Hat-Trick Heaven

This is an extension of the "first goal scorer" of the match prediction. In Double Delight and Hat-Trick Heaven, if your selection scores first in the match, you win. But if he goes and scores again, you win at double the odds.

But if he then goes on to score a hat-trick, you'll get treble the odds and that can mean a big payday if you guess the right player!

Anytime You Like

If you like fixed odds betting, then "Anytime You Like" will certainly interest you. It's Betfred's newest fixed odds coupon that gives you the chance to select three or more players that you believe will get on the score sheet during their match.

You can get from 10/1 odds for guessing three players correctly. But go for more players and the odds increase sharply with an eye-watering 3300/1 for correctly guessing 10 players who score!

How to Sign Up with Betfred Sports

Signing up with Betfred Sports couldn't be simpler. All you need to do is click the advertisement banner below to open the official Betfred Sports website home page, then click their green "Sign Up Now" button in the top right corner of the page.

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After you have opened the sign-up page, fill in the simple form with your details, a valid email address where they can send you a verification email (to verify you are a real person and it's you who is signing up) and details for your account including a user name and password, a security question and answer, your preferred currency and any promotion code you have.

Then click the green "Register" button near the bottom left of the page.

Once you have registered and verified your email, you can login and access your account. You may then complete the deposit process by charging your account with funds using your credit card or any of the other accepted payment methods.

These funds you can then use for placing bets instantaneously without needing to enter any further details. Then you can familiarise yourself with the site and all the options that are now at your fingertips and, well, go ahead and enjoy yourself!

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