Be a Winner with Colossus Bets

Don't get left behind this weekend as Colossus Bets players aim for the £10m top prize. Join them and be a winner in football's biggest prize pool!

That's right, you can be a winner in this weekend's prize pool run by Colossus Bets with their impressive £10 million top prize just sitting there waiting for a lucky punter to win it! It's so easy to join in with the thrill and anticipation of scooping the football world's largest jackpot by far.

Play Every Week

football colossus betsIt's not just for one-off players, either. Just like the old-style football pools, this is something you can play regularly every week to give yourself more chances of winning and taking away a life changing top prize.

More and more players are getting started with this game, because they can see the obvious benefits to playing it over the established football pools games. For starters, you play this game online so there's no need to mess around filling in hand written "X's" on a pools coupon and posting it off or handing it in to a collector (do they still do that?).

When you play online, you can do it from the comfort of your own home at a time that suits you and a place that you choose. You only need to sign up once, which is simple enough in itself and you can just log in every week to play.

Use Your Knowledge of Football to Improve Your Chances

All sports bettors know that when you have a better knowledge of your chosen sport, you stand a much better chance of predicting the outcome of any event than a complete novice who is relying on dumb luck. Take any premier league match and when you know your game, you will have a pretty good idea which team is going to win.

Of course you won't get it right all the time - if you did you'd be a millionaire many times over already, right? But your knowledge gives you an edge and raises your odds of getting the result right. You know it!

Colossus Bets lines up top matches for the game which is one of some skill. That's because you predict the score of a group of up to 7 matches (seven for the £10 top prize) from the selections provided each week. It engages you and your skills making it a more exciting game to play with greater rewards for the one who gets it right!

colossus bets

You Know You Want to Play!

You can't tell me you wouldn't get a thrill out of guessing the scores of seven matches with a massive, lottery size £10m prize at the end of it for guessing the right ones. I know for a fact that I do!

If you want to know more about this game, please feel free to read our full review of Colossus Bets right here in this website. You might want to do that before you click one of the ad banners to visit the game and try it for yourself.

I'm pretty certain that you'll be so glad you checked it out!