Bookies Try to Ban Sports Cash System

With more people winning consistently using Tommy Krieg's Sports Cash System, bookies are trying to get it banned to stop punters winning so much!

beat the bookiesEvery sports bettor worth their salt has a primary mission to beat the bookies and win consistently. It's a given thing that is inherent in every gambler because they prime goal is to turn a profit at each session.

It doesn't matter if it's following their favourite racing pundit for advice on which horses to back on the day, or football fans filling in their fixed odds coupon for yet another week hoping that this one will be "the one." Yet for as many as 90% of sports bettors, the only consistent result is to lose!

Yet the age old conundrum remained uppermost in many gamblers' minds: "How do the bookies consistently win and we don't?"

The Solution Bookies Did Not Want You To Know About

Bookies always win because they control the odds of every event that people bet on. They know the chances of this or that outcome of every race, match or whatever and set the odds accordingly so they will always win out on the day!

The only way to beat the bookies then, is to come up with a sports betting system that mimics their knowledge and then to pick events where the results have a good chance of not going the bookies way and the odds are favourable enough to make a profit.

When Tony Krieg released his controversial sports betting pick system that claims to result in as much as an average 95% success rate month on month, you won't be too surprised to hear that when the bookies discovered it was being used to beat them, they were not amused! They wanted that system banned ASAP!

It's hardly surprising really, once you figure out how sports betting systems work to take money out of the bookies pockets and put it into yours!

It Is Really Happening

In fact so far, eleven bookies in four different States across the US have banned the Sports Cash System that people are winning with from being used in their premises and anyone caught trying to use it are similarly banned from the establishment. These guys are serious about not wanting YOU to take money from THEM!

The good news is that you can get your hands on the Sports Cash System right now and start winning on a consistent basis and beat the bookies that haven't banned it, which is most of them! You don't even need to spend a lot of money to try the system out for yourself, as its creator has kindly provided the facility to trial the program for the price of a cup of coffee: Just $4.95!

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