Mobile Cashout Launched by William Hill

Catching onto the recent trend for providing a way for punters to cash out their bets early, William Hill launches their mobile Cash In My Bet service.

The service is aimed at customers who like to bet on sports action while they're on the go and this seems to be a growing number of sports bettors. With the big shift toward the use of mobile devices for gaming and sports betting, this is seen as a smart move by the big UK bookmaker.

How Does Cash In My Bet Work?

The principle is fairly simple in that it provide a means to cash out early before a match has finished if the result looks like it is going in your favour. It can be a good way of making a profit without having to wait for the final whistle in a football match.

You simply choose the early cashout option for the game(s) you have bets on. It means you will have to take shorter odds on your winnings, but it can be a good insurance for offsetting against other bets where you want to see them through to the end of the game.

The system is now available for pre-match as well as in-play bets on single or multiple wagers and accumulators. It is an extension of the cashout feature that was launched by William Hill in December 2012 for online bettors using a home computer or laptop.

Mobile Sportsbook Growing

WH's own stats are showing that stakes made through their mobile sports book have been growing 92% year-on-year over the last quarter, while net revenue from mobile gaming has risen almost 200% since the last quarter 2012 according to the latest trading update.

This feature will certainly give customers a greater level of control over how they use their bets than at any time in the past. This has to be good news for sports bettors who can make good use of the additional flexibility.

Getting Started

You can get hooked up to William Hill mobile sportsbook by visiting their website and following the easy navigation to the relevant page. If you're not already a member, signing up is really easy as is depositing cash into your account for the convenience of being able to place bets wherever you are whenever you want.

Or you could simply click the advertising banner below to go right to the page you need to get started right away!