Betfred Mobile Offer Free £10 Sports Bet

How could anyone pass up a free £10 sports bet? That's exactly what new players on Betfred Mobile can get. Have you seen the TV ad campaign yet?

The advertising campaign is already underway to promote the latest free bet offer by Betfred. This is largely to raise awareness of their mobile arm which is growing fast as more players join up and start using their mobile devices to place sports bets while on the move.

Why Bet on Sports with a Mobile?

betfred mobile free £10 sports betLots of people like to make sure they get their important bets on their chosen sporting events so they don't miss out on anything. That means there is often no time to get to the nearest high street bookmaker.

If the person is at work, it may also mean they can't get home to use their home computer and there is every chance that using the computer at work for gambling is forbidden by the boss! So having a mobile sports site like Betfred where you can easily log into your account and put on any bets you want, when you want and wherever you happen to be is a big advantage.

What Other Bonuses Are On Offer?

The good news is that once you have signed up as a new player and made your first deposit to claim your free £10 bet, you can then claim a further free £25 matched bet once you have used your initial £10 freebie. This means you get a total of £35 in free wagers to place on any sporting events you wish via your mobile phone or tablet!

All you need to do is spend your free tenner and then deposit a further £25 to claim the additional free matched bet. Not bad for doing little more than signing up to use what will doubtless become probably the handiest and most useful betting account you will ever have!

See It on TV

You can view the latest series of Betfred ads on TV by tuning into any of the main land channels as well as Sky Sports. They haven't spared any expense to bring you some really well choreographed and feature rich commercials that you're bound to like.

Players will be able to get access to some of the other amazing deals available for sports bettors such as Double Delight and Hat-Trick Heaven that are now also available via mobile. There are exclusive coupons such as Goals Galore to give player even more scope to scoop some great winnings.

If you're interested to know more about how to sign up with Betfred Mobile for sports bets, check out my full review by following that link.

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