Totescoop6 Expected to Top £3m on Saturday!

Following last weekend's rollover, Saturday's totescoop6 combined win and bonus fund payout is expected to exceed £3 million. A £2 bet could take it!

For the paltry sum of just £2, you could be in with a chance of winning up to £3 million if you act quickly and place your bet on this Saturday's totescoop6. This is possible thanks to a string of rollovers from previous weeks where the prize was not won by any punters.

What You Should Do to Win the Scoop6

totscoop6 3m rolloverIf you want to stake your claim and make sure you are in it to win it, you can place your bet online. All you need to do is sign up with the official totepool website, make a small deposit into your new account and then choose 6 horses (from the six designated races on the day) you think will win.

If all your selections win, you could be three million quid richer!

Just think about that for a moment. How would your life change if you were to suddenly find yourself a staggering three million pounds richer, literally overnight?

Playing online has a number of obvious benefits, like the simple convenience of being able to put your bet on from the comfort of your own home and being able to pay using a variety of method which suits you. If you've never tried it before now is a very good time indeed to take the plunge!

How Does ToteScoop6 Work?

The strategy is a very simple one to make it appealing to the widest audience. You simply take a look at the scoop6 race card which lists the six races for the day and then choose one horse from each race that you think will win.

You then place your bet and sit back and wait for the races to run. You can check online at the same site for the winners as the results come in. So you'll know if you won right away.

If you want more information on how it works and all the many additional benefits you are eligible for when you become a signed up member of the official site, you can read my own detailed review of totescoop6 by clicking that link. Check it out and if it appeals to you, just follow the instructions on how to sign up and you could be placing your bet on this week's massive £3m jackpot in no time at all!

how to play totescoop6

Or simply click the promotional banner above and head right on over there to get strated right now!

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