Mobibet Casino's Big Bang Steals the Show

Stealing the show at Mobibet Casino is the amazing slots game Bing Bang which is exciting and lots of fun to play if video slot games are your thing.

net entertainment big bang slotsThis game is red hot right now and tons of players are spending a lot of time on it. So what is making this game so popular lately and why are players flocking to Mobibet's online and mobile casino to play it?

Net Entertainment In Deep Space

The theme of the game, if you haven't already guessed it (or actually played it) is an interplanetary journey into the furthest reaches of our universe to its violent and cataclysmic origin, the Big Bang itself!

OK, it's just a slots game but one with a nice flow to it and cool space themed symbols that fall onto multiple win lines over five reels. The cool part about this game is the 32x multiplier line to the left of the reels, that I will explain below.

Magic Multiplier

mobibet big bang slotsWhen you get a winning line, the multiplier moves up from x1 to x2 so that the next game will bring you double the win amount if you get a further winning line. If you get that, it moves up x4. If you win again it jumps up to x8.

If you keep winning the multiplier keeps moving up to that coveted x32 spot and you will win 32 times the payline if the next spin wins, which can be a very big number if you happen to land a big paying line of symbols. But get a non-winning line and the multiplier drops back down to x1 and you have to start again.

In addition to the multiplier, there are wild symbols that create more winning combinations, but aside from that there are no feature rounds or anything that will take you away from the core game itself. Many players prefer this type of game as they feel video features tend to stray so far from the game and take so long to get through they los interest in the game itself.

Why You Should Play This Game

If you're not a slots fan, you probably wouldn't care much about this. In fact you probably wouldn't even be reading this, so it's a moot point. But I'll assume you like playing slots and you want to know more about this cool game and why playing it at Mobibet is a very good idea.

There are plenty of NetEnt powered casinos online right now, but not so many of them are focused on European players and can also offer a really top quality mobile experience as well as the usual home computer or laptop thrills. Mobibet sports and casino site fills that gap perfectly with a site that is as much at home on a small mobile phone display as it is on any big screen home computing setup.

And this is probably why so many people are already using this particular online sports book and casino site for all of their Internet gaming and sports betting. You be the judge of what you want in your i-gaming arena and see if this isn't exactly what you want.

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