Betfred Latest Amazing Welcome Offer Revealed

The latest amazing welcome offer for new customers has been revealed by Betfred and it is already creating a major buzz among sports betting punters!

It has never been a better time to sign up with the online arm of punter's favourite bookmaker Betfred as a new customer. The welcome package has been revamped and is now better than ever!

What Betfred is Offering New Customers

The media is already buzzing with news of the great new welcome bonus for new signups. If you haven't already heard, it is:

  1. Double Odds
  2. Free Matched Bet up to £25

New players will get the odds doubled if they win their first ever bet. So for example if they placed a £10 bet on a horse with odds quoted at 10/1 and it won, Betfred will pay double those odds at 20/1.

Additionally, on making their second cash bet up to £25, Betfred sportsbook will match that with up to £25 free bet! The only limitation on this is the bet must be at evens or greater odds.

Why is this Bookie Giving So Much Away?

If you aren't sure why the high street bookie is making such a generous offer, the reason will become clear when I explain it. This is a simple marketing ploy to attract new business!

That's right, it's just like a shop advertising a special offer in their window. When you see a product offered with a big discount, or an offer of "buy one, get one free" for example and you're more likely to walk through the door into the shop to buy the product on offer.

The shop owner is hoping that by getting you in through the door, you'll buy something else at full price and that's how they make their money. It's pretty much the same with bookmakers and this offer is simply to attract you through their virtual online doors!

Take Advantage of This Deal While It's on Offer!

If you are considering doing some sports betting online and you weren't sure which sportsbook to choose, I'm pretty sure this offer will help you make your mind up! It's perfect for someone who wants to just test the waters and place a bet with no strings attached and get a nice bonus for their trouble.

You can sign up, put on your bet and if it wins, you win double what you would have if you'd chosen a different web-based bookmaker! If you win, you can walk away with a smile on your face!

Or you can come back at a later date and make use of the convenience of this top rated online bookmaker to place your regular bets without needing to travel down to the local high street. It saves you time and makes it really easy to see all the available races, sports events and whatever you want to bet on with at-a-glance odds and offers to make it easy for you to do what you do anyway in the local betting shop.

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Give it a try! What have you got to lose, compared with what you have to win!

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