Football Fans Net Their Share of Colossus Bets £1m

Last week saw the Colossus Bets £1m jackpot pool fall to very happy football betting fans who guessed the right match outcomes to win massive prizes!

There will be some big celebrations going on during this week and no doubt into next week as the winners of the latest big money jackpot pool come to terms with their good fortune. The wins are particularly sweet considering the small stakes that were involved in producing them!

Win Big with a Really Small Bet

With winning odds far better than you can get from a bookmaker fixed odds selection, the popularity of this incredible online soccer picks pool has been growing steadily since its inception last year. Their popular HDA15 carries a £1 million prize pool that has been won by 2.5 tickets.

The reason for the half ticket win is that players can choose to take a fractional cash-in of their ticket before matches played on a subsequent day have been played. One winner did just that and cashed in 50% of their ticket to walk away with a very handsome prize without risking getting the wrong result on the last game and losing it all.

According to David O'Reilly, COO of the company in a recent press release, "Sure lots of favourites won, but winning £20,000 for a 40p spend which one player has managed, is some feat." He added, "There was no Cash-Ins done on that ticket. Maybe the player slept through the later legs on Sunday and will wake up to a pleasant surprise Monday morning!"

None of the winners taking the fractional cash option has so far fully cashed in and still hold 50% of the value of their tickets. So that means there will be a lot of interest in the League One match being played on Sunday between Barnsley and Bradford. Kick off for that game is 3:00pm.

Attractive Prizes

There are several major games that you can play on with a variety of prizes and betting options to make it interesting with the "Colossus" carrying that immense £10,000,000 jackpot for anyone that can correctly guess the final scores of just seven top flight matches (chosen by the company each week). That's a huge prize that can be won with as little as a £2 bet.

You can read my very own review of Colossus Bets by clicking that link if you want to read some more about it. That article will give you all the pertinent information about the system, how it works and the prizes you can win as well as a simple way to signup and start playing right away.

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