Does Arbitrage Betting Still Work?

It's no great secret that a small group of knowledgeable gamblers made a lot of money through sports arbitrage bets, but does this strategy still work?

If you don't already know what this method of betting is, you should go read my review of sports arbitrage software that explains the process and how and why it works. Maybe you already know what it is but have never tried it or you just never considered it as a viable way of winning consistently.

Well the news is that not only does this practically foolproof betting method work; it is still being used by a small, select group of bettors who are making an absolute shed load of money from it!

Know What You're Doing

sports arbitrage bettingThe trick is in knowing how to maximise the knowledge you have with the information you can obtain to place bets on the most profitable arbs. Before the age of online betting, you could still make a lot of money with this system but it entailed a lot of leg work and scoping out the bookies that were offering the right odds on certain sporting fixtures that produced only a winner and a loser.

Then you had to find at least two separate bookies that were offering opposite odds, by which I mean, for example one bookie would offer 2/1 on player A winning and another bookie was offering 2/1 on player B winning. OK, those odds are pretty high but that's just to simplify the explanation so it's pretty obvious.

Find a Sport

My favourite sport back in the day was tennis. That's because in a tennis match there has to be a winner and a loser. No draw. So there can only be one or other result, win/lose. That made things very easy.

I could often find two bookies that would not agree on who was the better player in a match. So one would offer close odds on the player they though would win and often 2/1 or better on the one they though would lose, while the other bookie would offer the reverse. I just went into each betting shop and bet heavily on the loser in each shop.

How did that work?

Well, to simplify, say I had £2,000 to play with. So I would bet £1,000 at 2/1 on player A in the first betting shop and then go down the road and bet £1,000 at 2/1 on player B in the other shop. The match played out and player B won. Here's the math:

I lose my £1,000 in the first bookmaker
I win £2,000 (£1,000 at 2/1) plus my £1,000 stake back in the second bookmaker
My profit = £1,000

That doesn't account for paying the 10% gambling tax on the stake. But if you want to be more exact, I also lose an additional £200 that I would have paid in tax dropping my profit to £800. Boo-hoo, I cry all the way to the bank!

Just to put some perspective in that bet, had I simply placed the whole £2,000 on player B to win at a single bookmaker, I would have won £4,000 less £200 tax for a £3,800 profit. But I could just have easily bet on Player A and lost everything!

Arbitrage in the Digital Age

These days it's even easier. You don't need to go physically hunting around for brick and mortar bookmakers that offer opposing odds on sporting fixtures. You can sit at home on your computer and check all the betting sites to see who is offering these odds.

Yes, it can be time consuming, but you can find some real gems in among the many sporting fixture lists. Or you can save yourself the hassle, and pay for software that will do it for you.

Oh yeah, there is software that does all the leg work for you and spits out viable arbs for you to place your bets on. Check that link I gave you above for my review of the software and you'll see how it works and then you can decide for yourself if you want to pay for it.

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