How to Profit from Sports Betting

Have you ever wondered how you can profit from betting on sports events using the knowledge you possess about your preferred sport? Surely you could if you were to apply yourself and turn a lifetime of learning and experience into cash!

Well I'm here to tell you that it's not only possible, but loads of people from all over the world are actually doing exactly that right now as you're reading this. Yes, as unbelievable as it may seem, it's really true!

I can see you're already pretty keen to find out how they're doing it, how much they're making and how easy or difficult it is to do, right? You've come to the right place, because I'm going to tell you how they're doing it, what it is possible to make from it and that it is a lot easier than you might think!

There are two main ways you can approach this. Let's call them the easy way and the hard way and take a look at both of them. First the hard way:

The Hard Way to Make Money from Sports Betting

horse racing betsYou probably already considered this method and dismissed it because it looked like a lot of hard work. I'm talking about pouring over recent past match statistics, current team and player form, newspaper tipster predictions and any gossip you might be able to dig up on certain key players.

It would take all that effort just to make an educated guess as to the outcome of a particular sporting event.

You might have even tried it yourself, especially if you already have a lot of in-depth knowledge about a sport and certain teams or players within that sport. After all, when you know how two teams or two players have been performing really well and they are about to play a match against each other, you probably have a very good idea who will win, right?

When You Know the Results Before They Happen

What if you have been correctly predicting match results of teams or players you know pretty well for a while now and coming up with the right answers a lot more4 times than you're wrong? Imagine if you'd placed bets on those events and the ratio of wins to losses was great enough that you'd have made a pretty handsome profit?

You're probably kicking yourself for not seizing that opportunity to make some easy money!

But you didn't do it because maybe you didn't have the confidence in your own skill and ability to be right a lot more often than you were wrong. Or you were worried that as soon as you started to put your money where your skill is, you'd lose your edge and your money!

Well, that leads us onto the easy way:

The Easy Way to Make Money from Sports Betting

formulaYes, believe it or not, there is an easy way to do this and you'll discover that there are a lot of people already doing it. It's not talked about very much because the people that are winning want to keep this gem of knowledge to themselves and not share it with others in case they all start winning and the bookies shut them down!

After all, it's the bookies that stand to lose when more and more people start working to a formula that means that over time, the punters literally cannot lose!

Wait a minute, back up there. Did you say formula?

I certainly did. There are a few sports betting pick formulas or systems out there that are being used by a small select group of bettors to turn a profit month after month. They win because they are doing this systematically and reinvesting their winning into growing their bankroll, or the money they have set aside to use exclusively for gambling.

Sports Betting Systems

These systems are available and in use right now but are not very well publicised, for obvious reasons. The creators of the programs would obviously like to see more people use them because they make money from ongoing membership fees for access to the systems.

But at the same time, they don't want too many people using them and drawing too much attention from bookmakers who like nothing better than for their customers to lose! So a certain status quo is reached where membership numbers are kept to manageable levels so everybody makes money except the bookies. And they only lose a relatively small percentage of their vast income that it doesn't really do them any real damage.

How do Sports Betting Pick Formulas Work?

These sports betting systems work in a similar way to how you'd use your own knowledge and experience of your favourite sport and its teams or the players that are involved, only they scale it up immensely. Each system has a team of experts who make highly educated predictions of a wide range of sporting event results and input their predictions into the system to build a large portfolio of likely results in a wide range of sports every day.

They also use sophisticated software that gets data fed into it every day about teams, players, coaches, managers and a lot of peripheral information about the people that are about to come together to play a match. That information is used to predict or pick winners from a long list of events every day, with the most likely winners given to the members to place their bets on.

Relevant Information

They include things that most people would not consider relevant, such as whether a key team player was seen the night before the match at a night club partying until the early hours and reported on in a gossip blog or site. That would certainly affect his performance during the match and could sway the result in the favour of the opponents.

Imagine how team spirit would be demoralised if they were told their manager was about to be sacked? If that information became available online before the newspapers got to hear of it, a sports picking system would certainly have the edge on predicting a result that most "experts" would not consider.

Would the news that a really popular and tactically important player was returning from injury to play in the day's match lift the spirits of the team and spur them on to play much better than perhaps they had been of late? Of course it would and the bettor that knew about it could certainly capitalise on that knowledge.

That's just a couple of examples where using a lot of information about sports players, teams and the people and circumstances that surround them can have an adverse or positive effect on their performance on the day and likely buck the odds given my bookies that those in the know could exploit!

What Are the Best Sports Pick Systems?

So what are these sports betting systems and how do you get to use them? I won't try and have you believe that access to the best of these systems is going to be cheap. In fact, like most things in life, you get what you pay for.

However, the cost is not as high as you might imagine to get access to the best of these systems, especially when you consider the profits you will be making from using them. That is as long as you do use them to the max and don't expect that you will be able to just sit back and wait for the money to fall in your lap!

So far I have extensively reviewed two of the top systems and can recommend them both in that when you use them properly, you will make a profit every month and increase your bankroll. And any sensible gambler knows that the bigger the bankroll, the bigger the bets and the bigger the rewards!

Fell free to read my own reviews of these two systems, or if you want to get straight to the sites themselves, you can click on either of the advertisements below:

Z-Code System

The first is known as Z-Code System and this uses a really sophisticated software program to choose its sports picks from the data fed into it daily from its team of experts. It has a very high success rate that will virtually guarantee you a profit as long as you follow the instructions and use the system correctly.

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Sports Cash System

The second top rated sports pick formula is known as Sports Cash Formula and differs slightly from Z-Code in that there is more manual result picking by a large team of sports betting experts, with the creator actually being an ex-bookmaker himself, so as you can imagine, he knows how sports betting works inside out.

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