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Online sportsbooks are evolving and improving all the time. Read the latest review of 10Bet sportsbook here. Learn what's current and happening now!

This 10Bet review covers all the points that a sports bettor need to know about the company. It covers the best way to use it, the bonuses and promotions available, getting the most from being a member and lots more besides. After all, if you're considering making a move to this online sportsbook, you need to know what you're letting yourself in for!

Many people who like to bet on sporting events tend to stick to their regular bookmaker, but there will be times when it's good to make a chance and see what another bookie can offer. If you're looking to try a different portal, 10Bet makes a very good choice because it's a brand that is well established and trusted by its members around the world.

Why You Should Stay with Your Regular Bookmaker

stay with same bookieI'll start by making it clear that 10Bet is not for everyone. If you are afraid of change or don't like to stray from your comfort zone, you should stay where you are and not discover all the exciting things that are on offer elsewhere.

If that sounds a little negative, it's not meant to. I'm just saying that not everyone likes to take a chance on new things and by playing it safe, it's possible to miss out on a lot of exciting things. Just sayin'!

If you are happy with your online bookie, then stay with them and enjoy what they provide for you. I'm sure it's pretty good!

However, since you're reading this review, it's my guess you're not entirely satisfied with your regular online bookie and you're looking for something a little different.

Maybe something a little more exciting? Maybe something that offers more than the average sportsbook?

Why You Should Bet with 10Bet Sports Book

bet10A very insightful person once said that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. The meaning is well known to most, in that whatever you have, there will always be better looking alternatives to tempt you away from what you know and are used to.

Bookmakers rely on loyalty from their members and they do a lot to try and keep hold of them. But you can still remain loyal to your chosen brand while venturing out of your comfort zone every now and then to sample the wares of a competitor, just to see if they are offering something better.

10Bet do offer a lot to tempt new members to sign up. Like:

These are some very good reasons for joining that many thousands of happy customers of 1-Bet around the world that use their sportbook regularly and frequently to place all their bets and enjoy their winnings.

What Sports Events Does 10Bet Cover?

How long have you got? It would be pretty futile to list all of the sporting events that are covered by 10Bet since you might as well include everything that currently exists and is legal. Only then could you start subtracting the really obscure kind played in countries that probably never heard of online sportsbook!

OK, that may be a slight exaggeration, but you get the ides. If you can see it played on TV somewhere, hear about it on a radio somewhere or read about it in a newspaper, then you can probably bet on it at 10Bet!

As I'm looking down the list of sports categories covered, perhaps it might be a good idea to list those. Within each category, there will be many different kinds of game that can be wagered including in-game bets and all kinds of side bets.

Here goes: Football, Basketball, American Football, Tennis, Baseball, Ice Hockey, Handball, Rugby League, Rugby Union, Aussie Rules, Golf, Snooker, Pool, Motor Racing, Darts, Cycling, Speedway, Volleyball, Boxing, Cricket, Floorball, Table Tennis, Badminton, MMA, Surfing, Winter Olympics and "Specials" that encompass everything else not associated with those categories. Surprisingly, horse racing is not included in the categories.

Let's take a main category like Football and see what's inside there. You have English Premier League matches, matches from other top European leagues such as la Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga and Ligue 1 as well as lower leagues from all over Europe and in many other countries around the world. There are also cup games, friendlies, internationals, testimonials and just about any other type of match available to place your bet on!

So you see, so much is covered at 10Bet in so many different ways that once you sign up and start betting there, you will never tire of the "same old same old" that you're probably used to now!

History and Demographics

Founded in 2003, 10Bet is headquartered in London, England. UK customers are secure in knowing the company is regulated and licensed by the UK Gambling Commission, while customers in other countries around the world are covered by the regulatory body the Curacao Gambling Commission.

There are two main websites at 10bet.co.uk for UK customers and 10bet.com for the rest of Europe and countries where online gambling on sports events is legal worldwide. The site is translated into over 20 languages and can handle 18 different currencies with GB pounds, Euros and US dollars being the major three.

This is truly a global sports book that anyone anywhere in the world where online sports betting is legal can sign up with and start using the site as little or as often as they like.

How to Use the 10Bet Website

Using the site is simplicity itself. The interface is easy to use, navigate and straightforward to place bets. The main sports categories are listed down the left column of the page. Click a category say "Football" for example and the page containing all the main leagues separated into Top Leagues and All other Leagues. You can choose to sort the page by "leagues" or by "bet Type" by clicking on wither of the buttons along the top of the table.

If you choose Leagues, simply click the box next to your chosen league and then click the button marked "View Selected Leagues" at the foot of the main table. This will then open the page containing the latest games to be played along with a table containing all the different betting types as you can see from the screenshot below:

10bet football bet types

The latest games list contains clickable odds selections plus a small bar chart icon that opens a current stats popup, giving head to head statistics for the two teams playing in that match. A number proceeded by a "+" sign when clicked opens a page with all the various betting possibilities for the match.

There is also a betting slip that works in a similar way to a shopping cart, where you enter your bet amount and confirm the bet, where the money is taken straight from your account to cover it. You can place as few or as many bets as you like on the one betting slip and all the best will be processed and your winnings automatically assigned to your account at the end of each match.

The Advantages and Disadvantages

There are some excellent upsides to using 10bet as your online bookmaker. Notably:

With the good must come the not so good and there are some downsides to this company, which are:

What You See is What You Will Love

At the end of the day, you're looking for a top rated online sportsbook that can provide you with an easy to use interface that covers more sporting events and in-game betting options than other online bookmaker sites. 10Bet does that extremely well and makes it very easy to enjoy your sports betting without any hassle or difficulty.

If you were looking for something a little different that can give you a wiser range of betting selections, then you've found it. Click the advertisement banner below and get yourself signed up, deposited and betting as soon as possible because you're going to really love this site!

10bet review

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