What Are the Best Sports Betting Sites Online?

People who are keen on sports betting can read this and discover where to find the best sports betting sites online for safe, secure and trusted sportsbook operators. After all, the most important aspects of gambling online, especially for newcomers to this are those that have guarantees that you are not going to be ripped off.

best online bookmakersWith this in mind, this article takes a look at those qualities that sets the best sports books apart from the rest, while providing some sterling examples of respected and highly trusted sites. These are established site where you can safely place your bets on a wide variety of sporting events secure in the knowledge that when you win, you will get paid in full!

What Gives a Site Trust?

Trust is a massive factor in determining your decision to put on bets at an online sports book or not. But what instils that sense of trust when you visit an online gambling site that may be lacking in another?

Brand recognition, believe it or not, is one of the major deciding factors in determining trust for most things in life and Internet gambling is no different. When you look down a list of sports betting websites and find that you instantly recognise one or two names, but not the rest, your first instincts are to open up those sites whose names you know.

How Do These Sites Get their Brand Recognition?

Most of the names you will instantly recognise are older, well established brands such as William Hill, Ladbrokes, Coral, BetFred and some others that have been around for decades. They are most recognisable because they are prominent high street bookmakers that you already know and have probably also seen advertised on television.

Each has simply migrated their established brand name onto the Internet with a corresponding website that provides online sports betting facilities. Does this make them any more trustworthy than the rest?

Good question and one that is not always so easy to answer. There are many good and highly trusted online gambling sites and casinos with names that are not so well known alongside others that are. So finding the best of the bunch is not always cut and dried.

Who Do You Trust?

A lot of the time, the sites you can trust the most will be the ones that are most often reviewed by sites like this one while also having lots of favourable comments written about them in the various i-gaming forums. Gaming affiliates tend to prefer to promote only those sites that can hang on to their members through fair play, honest dealings and timely payouts.

That's because the affiliates themselves earn a commission from long term players so it's in their best interests to only promote those casinos and online betting sites that are doing their best to keep them. They do that be earning that trust and never giving customers a reason to complain about anything by simply not doing anything that would make them complain.

On the other hand, less reputable sites are unlikely to be promoted much because they rip off their players and earn a bad reputation. That will filter down to the affiliates and promoters - which is why they steer clear of such sites!

So to give you an honest view on which sport betting sites we trust and are happy to put in front of you, we have compiled a short list of those we like best. That's because we know that they are legitimate, trustworthy and honest. So here is our short list:

The Best Sites for Sports Betting

These sites came out on top as being among the best sports betting sites to be a member of, to place your bets and to enjoy a great experience.

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So just click on the name to visit our review of the site. If you want a place you can trust, try these sites first!