Online Sports Betting Makes Sense

mobile phone sports bettingIt has been said that any online sports betting system is a bad thing but this light hearted look at how things were and are now brings hope to millions...

It may not surprise you too much to hear that the rapid advance in computer and communications technology and the hardware that supports it has brought us to the point where we can do so many things from our armchair or even on the train as we commute to and from work every day. But do we take this marvel of invention for granted?

I think it's fair to say that to a certain extent, we do take our mobile phones, tablets and laptops etc for granted and are ever seeking something better. But it wasn't always like this. In fact, it is only a few years since things were very different.

Before the Internet

Remember the days of walking to the newsagents on a Saturday morning to get a copy of the Racing Post, taking it home and then pouring over the racing form for the day's races, then walking to the bookies a few hours later to place your bets? What did you do to kill the next few hours before the results were announced?

Chances are you spent some time in the pub across the road and had a few pints, just because it was, well, there! I bet you probably sneaked a few goes on the fruit machine too, didn't you? If you were married, your wife (or husband) wouldn't have been able to get hold of you unless she (or he) physically marched into the pub with a barrage of reasons why you shouldn't be there. No mobile phones back then!

The thing is, enjoying a few bets on the gee gees was hard work for the dedicated gambler and meant spending a lot of time out of the house. Very few spouses understood, naturally and saw your activities as wasteful and selfish. Which, let's face it probably were!

The Difference a Mobile Phone Makes

But nowadays, things are very different. You can't just saunter off to the bookies and languish in a warm and welcoming pub and be relatively safe from discovery. Your mobile phone will grass you up every time!

But of course you don't need to even leave the house to get all your sports betting done in almost no time at all. You can use the Internet to check the racing form and place your bets at an online sports book site like William Hill, 10Bet or Betfred for instance.

Your spouse doesn't need to go searching all over town to find you because you're right there, in your favourite armchair, doing nothing constructive but at least you're there!

So who said online gambling was such a bad thing?