Colossus Bets Wins Coral 1m Football Jackpot

On Monday night Colossus Bets became one million pound winners of Coral's 15 match football pool jackpot after correctly guessing all the results!

colossus bets bonusThis is the pools game creating team that brings you their own £10million football pools game where you need to predict the result of only seven matches to take the biggest weekly prize in the industry. They placed the £35,000 bet with Coral just to prove they were the best in the business at predicting match results since their weekly game consists of punters having to correctly guess the final results for themselves.

They had to sweat it out on the final game of the fifteen, between Watford and Brighton with a win or a draw needed to clinch the cash. Luckily for them, Watford managed to hold Brighton to a 1-1 draw, despite a goal being controversially disallowed.

Colossus Bets Bonus

If you are keen to start playing this amazing football results based game each week, you can play for as little as £2 and put yourself in line for a chance at the massive lottery-style jackpot that is a guaranteed £5m plus a bonus of a further £5m to the winner making a grand total of an eye-watering £10million!

To get the bonus, you simply have to play the game. You automatically qualify for it when you win, that's how simple it is! Of course there is more than just the one game that you can play with different top prizes depending on which game you choose.

How to Play Colossus Bets

If you want to know how to play this game and place yourself in the way of that massive jackpot, you can read all about it in our very own fully detailed Colossus Bets review by clicking that link. It's all explained at length so no need to go over it all again here.

If you want a big prize money alternative to the traditional weekly football pools coupon games that have been around for donkey's years, this is definitely it. No other game can offer such a huge top prize along with some incredibly attractive smaller prizes and do it week in, week out for football enthusiasts who love to put their knowledge and insight to the test by figuring out and predicting the results of a few top games.

If you want to try something exciting, fresh and new in the area of weekly football pools bets with some of the top football matches being featured, this is a game that you simply cannot pass up the chance of playing. Read our review if you want to learn all about the game and how to play, or head straight over there yourself for a closer look by clicking the promotional banner below:

colossus bets

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