Massive Odds Betfred Offer 7/1 Arsenal to Beat Everton

Get massive odds of 7/1 on Arsenal to beat Everton this Saturday only at Betfred and only for new customers. Sign up right now, bet and win big!

Online bookie Betfred does it again by offering another massive odds bonus for new signups to their online sports betting site. This week they are offering new customers an incredible 7/1 odds on Arsenal beating Everton.

betfred offer 7/1 arsenal to defeat evertonThis is a no brainer. Every Arsenal fan will tell you this match will be a walkover, so you just have to have a tenner on this game. But then, of course they would!

Turn £10 into £70

Ok, maybe Arsenal fans will be a little biased in this respect. But even if both sides are pretty evenly matched, you have to fancy Arsenal to win it since they're playing AT HOME!

The match is being played on Sunday 8th December at the Emirates Stadium and kick off is 17:00 and being shown live on Sky Sports. So you can watch it live at home if you can't get to the match which is a double bonus.

There are limitations on this bet but if you are a new customer, you can bet up to £10 meaning if Arsenal wins, you win £70! Not bad for a relatively small outlay on a single game that you'd normally get really close odds on.

An Easy Money Football Bet

While nothing is ever certain in sports, you have to see this as about the closest thing to easy money that you're ever going to see in this one. Football fixtures usually come with close odds on individual games unless the two teams playing are very unevenly matched, such as in FA cup games between clubs from widely different parts of the league or different divisions.

So when you get a chance of crazy odds from an established bookmaker, you have to grab it while it lasts! The only downside to this is that it doesn't apply to existing members of Betfred Sports.

The reason for this promotion is naturally to attract new business for the bookie, so what better way to tempt new bettors to sign up than to offer odds like this on a match that on paper should bring a good return on your investment.

So if you don't mind falling for their little ploy and let's face it, there's nothing to lose by becoming a member and so much to gain if you like to place bets on sporting events from time to time or even regularly, then this is a good time to sign up.

To do that (and take advantage of their generous offer), click the promotional banner on the latest news story with the latest offer here: Betfred Massive Odds to join the many thousands of very satisfied customers and enjoy the convenience of placing your bets from your armchair!

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