Experts Play Down Betting Systems to Keep them Exclusive

Read this exclusive interview: Professional sports bettor blows the lid off the secrecy and conspiracy that keeps losers losing and winners winning!

Betting experts and professional gamblers are playing down how effective sports betting systems are to keep user numbers down and their profits up.

who knows if sports betting worksThe several sports betting formulas and systems that are currently around might be the bane of the bookies, but they're loved by professional gamblers who are making sure they keep the spoils to themselves. They're doing that by making sure everyone is reminded that these systems are "maybe" a scam or simply don't work to stop more people from using them.

Why Would They Do That?

The answer is pretty simple, when you know how sports betting systems work.

If too many people start working these systems and taking too much money from bookmakers, there a strong chance they'll take steps to make it very difficult to make such big profits from them. I covered a similar story here in this news story: Bookies Try to Ban Sports Cash System.

In a similar way to how land casinos employ sophisticated surveillance and security to stamp out blackjack card counters who were bleeding them dry once word got around that it was profitable, bookies could introduce measures to sniff out bettors using sports pick formulas and shut them down too.

Some people are well aware that sports betting systems work, but if you believe what you've read and think they don't work, then you can count yourself as just another victim of a very clever and slightly sinister deception that is currently being perpetrated by the very people who are using these systems to generate huge profits on a consistent monthly basis! This is not mere conjecture, I got it straight from the horse's mouth!

I met up with a professional sports bettor who agreed to give me an exclusive interview on his methods and why he and those like him don't want you jumping on their gravy train. He specifically asked that I keep his identity secret for fear of repercussions, so I'll call him Joe.

Interview with Sports Bettor on a Permanent Winning Streak

Casino and Sports Talk: Hi Joe, I want to start by saying thanks for taking the time to talk to me and telling your story so my readers can benefit from your experience and learn something that might blow their minds!

Joe: My pleasure Terry. Where do you want me to start?

Casino and Sports Talk: Could you give us some background on how you got into using this sports pick formula?

Joe: Sure. It all changed for me about five years ago. Up 'til then, I was doing what many of my friends were doing. Spending a lot every week on sports bets, won't go into the details but you know, the kind of stuff that spreads bets around going for better odds lower payouts but working my bankroll for a gradual profit.

I'd spend a few hours researching different sports, teams, players their form and as much as I could get hold of before I'd start putting on bets for the day. I had what I thought was a pretty good edge and had good days and bad days like most I guess.

Problem was I just wasn't doing well enough to stay in profit all the time. Some weeks I'd be up a lot and would just blow the profits on stuff I didn't really want, take the family out to nice restaurants and stuff. Then have weeks when I was down and had to stay home and the family had to live on cheap takeouts.

I hated the inconsistency of it but I was addicted to the game and didn't really know anything else. What sort of lit a fire under my ass was a run of almost six weeks of being down, my bankroll was almost gone, my credit cards were maxed and my family were losing it with me. To be honest, I was losing it with myself.

You know, some days I had to come home and face my kids and tell them that they couldn't have the storybooks I'd promised I'd get them and then have to endure the look of disappointment on their faces. Worse was the look of pure disgust in my wife's eyes. That'll stay with me for a long time yet.

I was getting desperate and a friend told me about this new formula that he'd just signed up for and said it looked pretty good so far. It wasn't cheap, but considering what I was losing right then, a monthly subscription fee of a couple hundred bucks seemed like a drop in the ocean.

I gave it a shot and never looked back.

Casino and Sports Talk: So you got in on this system from its early beginnings?

Joe: Not exactly. This system had been running since like 1999, but had gone through a lot of changes in that time. Started off as the X Code but they changed it to Z Code by the time I was using it.

Casino and Sports Talk: So how did it change your betting success?

Joe: Oh man, it changed everything. It was like all the research I could possibly do on maybe one or two teams per day this system was covering a dozen or more every day and in so much depth that the predictions it gave were mostly correct. It took all the hard work I used to do, scaled it up big time and just spat out all these predicted results day after day after day.

I just spread my bets onto everything it gave me. I started a little carefully, with about three hundred bucks which was all I had left in the world. I was sweating on this because it was my rent! If my wife ever found out she'd a left me. That's another reason to stay anonymous, you know!

Well I came up about 70 percent across all bets and made almost two hundred profit. That was a very lucky day for me and it was one big sigh of relief. It meant I could pay the rent and still start the following day with a two hundred dollar bankroll.

I kept winning day after day. Some days it was small, like maybe twenty or thirty bucks profit, but others I'd make over a hundred. I kept reinvesting my profits into my bankroll so each subsequent day, I had more to bet with, meaning more I could win. And I did.

After a few months I'd grown that bankroll to over two thousand dollars and was buying nice things for the family again. I've kept using the system and I just keep winning, in profit every month. It's pretty amazing really.

Casino and Sports Talk: So what's this whole conspiracy stuff I'm hearing about with the system and playing it down?

Joe: Yeah, that. It's pretty deep and you know lots of guys won't admit to anything. Plenty won't even admit to using this or any of the other systems, but you know they are. So here's the deal.

Those of us using these systems are making a consistent profit and I'll tell you, the bookies hate us. But they don't want to make a big thing out of it just like we don't want too many more guys getting into it for one reason. Keep the thing quiet and keep it small and we keep making money and the bookies only lose what they're losing to us.

If it gets played up and too many people start to realize they can really make a regular and consistent profit from it, the bookies will lose more money and they'll be forced into putting counter measures into place to stem the flow.

I can already see what some folks are thinking. Why don't the bookies just do whatever it is they're going to do right now and kill it dead? That's the thing, it will cost them money to police it in brick and mortar bookmakers and it will cost them even more money to integrate it into online sports books, along with a lot of unwanted publicity as the big news aggregators get hold of the story.

I'm only talking to you because I know your site is not a news site and it's not likely to get picked up by any of the big boys. Sorry dude, but you know what I mean! While I want to get this off my chest, I still want to keep it small and out of the nationals.

Anyhow, the way some of the more conspiracy oriented guys are playing this is to get lots of bad reviews, scam reports and bad press out there to make everyone believe these systems are a scam, they don't work or they're a rip off. You know what happens when you get enough negative publicity on a product, it can drop off the map cause people won't touch it.

That's what's happening right now. Just google "z code scam" and a bunch of sites come up with more negative reviews than you can shake a stick at. That's bad news for the guys who created the systems because it keeps their business down. But at the same time it ensures they stay in business because the bookies are happy to let it run at its current level because they're making billions from regular bettors who are losing in the main.

Casino and Sports Talk: Joe, are you involved with writing negative reviews yourself?

Joe: OK, yeah, I've written some and they're up there under pseudonyms, I admit it. I know a few of the guys that are running with the systems and they're all doing it. We agreed it's the best way to protect ourselves and our income.

You got to realize this is more than just easy money. We do this for a living and our lives revolve around it (gambling), so we want it to continue as long as possible and we're doing what we have to do in order to protect it..

It's a case of finding the natural balance where the system owners make money, we (the users) make money and the bookies tolerate us as long as the numbers stay low and we're not taking too much money from them that they can't recoup from regular bettors.

There's another thing that really helps us and keeps the systems pretty exclusive. You get a lot of green bettors seeing the tempting advertisements for Z Code or the other programs like Sports Cash System and thinking they can make a ton of money fast then get out.

Well plenty of them sign up for a month, don't bother learning how to use the systems the right way and lose money. Then they shout their mouths off about how crap the systems are, they don't work, they're a scam etc. And that's exactly what we want more of!

Casino and Sports Talk: So what you're saying is it's a self levelling system that is keeping everyone happy that is using it the right way, while enjoying enough natural bad publicity to stop too many people jumping on and ruining it for everyone, right?

Joe:You got it! We like the way this works and we like it a lot.

So my message to your readers is to stay away from sports betting systems because you're not going to make a sustained, consistent profit every month like I do. Because of course, it doesn't work. Got that? Stay away! (laughs)

Casino and Sports Talk: That's cool, Joe. Thanks for your time and for giving us some first hand information about what these betting systems are really like. I'm pretty sure you won't be getting a flood of new users, at least not from here!

Joe: No problem. Bye.

So there you have it. Make your own mind up after you've read that insightful revelation about these sports pick programs that you see here and there. If you want to read my own reviews on the main systems, feel free to click the links for Sports Cash System and/or Z Code System and then decide for yourself whether you want to take Joe at his word and stay away or read more into it and give it a real shot and not just use it to make a fast buck.