Betfred 10 Day Countdown to World Cup Promo

Are you starting to feel the excitement of the upcoming World Cup in Brazil? Betfred's 10 day countdown promotion promises some great betting deals if you're preparing to place bets on some of the games.

Everyone loves special offers and bonus betting deals that often accompany any big sporting event. And they don't come any bigger than the FIFA Football World Cup which is this time around being hosted by Brazil, itself a massive footballing nation!

What is Being Offered by Betfred?

betfred 10 day countdown to world cupPunter's favourite online bookies, Betfred are at the forefront of sports betting and they aim to prove to you that they are your best choice for placing your online bets on the matches of your choice. To do that, they are offering daily special deals each day leading up to the start of the tournament on 12th June.

These deals will be available for both new and existing customers, so if you're already a signed up member with Betfred, you will still be able to participate. The offers will include boosted prices, some great odds and the availability of their own special Double Delight and Hat-Trick Heaven special football bets on every World Cup match.

The added bonus for new players is being eligible to take advantage of their £25 Matched Bet deal upon signing up (see the official website or read my own detailed Betfred Sports Review article for details on how that works).

World Cup Fever

Who are you backing to win the 2014 World Cup? Will host nation Brazil take it with the strength of a squad playing at its best? Or will holders Spain do it again and set the world on fire with their unstoppable players, tight team strategies and magical skill?

There are some other strong contenders that will make a great side bet, such as Germany, Italy, Holland and Argentina. What about England? Do you think they have half a chance at getting into the last four maybe? Or even doing the unthinkable and actually lifting the cup?

One thing is certain, this tournament is still wide open and any top performing team has a chance at winning and goals galore being scored. Matches can be decided by fluke goals, defensive mistakes or loss of possession at critical times.

Worse, foolhardy or aggressive behaviour that can get a player sent off and weaken their team can adversely affect a team's chances of winning a match. No one likes having to play with just 10 men, especially against a difficult team with all 11 players on the pitch!

Betting on Games

One great aspect to being able to bet online with bookmakers like Betfred is that you can bet on more aspects of any game than just the final score. For example, you might fancy betting on who will score the first goal, which player will score a hat trick or what the half-time score will be. You can place these and many other bets as well as in-game bets that allow you to wager on something happening during a game.

The possibilities are huge and the rewards for getting it right can be spectacular when you do your football betting online. If you're not already a Betfred member, you can easily sign up for free right now and be prepared for the World Cup in plenty of time while taking advantage of the 10 day run-up promo that delivers some really cool deals that you will be very glad you got involved with!

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