Double Odds for New Betfred Customers

Making your mind up as to which online sportsbook to choose just got easier, as Betfred now offers to double your odds on your first bet with them.

The announcement came just two days ago that popular Internet bookmaker Betfred has changed its welcome bonus for new customers (starting 12th August) from the old free £10 bet to a potentially much more lucrative doubled odds offer. But what does this mean for new players who want to sign up with this bookie and get something for free?

Something for Nothing

Attracting new business has always been a priority for gambling operators and the way that they have been doing it for a number of years has been to put a carrot on a stick in front of potential new signups in the form of some free money. The problem with this is that while it is still very attractive, people get used to seeing the same old offers and become blind to them.

So a great way to poke them in the face with that carrot so they'll be sure to see it is to change the offer to something even better! Betfred have done this by withdrawing the free £10 bet they used to offer to a more interesting double odds offer on a player's first bet once they sign up.

Making a Cash Deposit

The tough part has always been getting new signups to actually deposit some cash into their accounts to play with. They see the offer of free money and take it, play it and if they win, all well and good but if they lose, they just walk away and move on to the next bookie that is offering free cash.

It's a little crazy when you think about it. Because you wouldn't walk into a high street bookie with the intention of placing a £10 bet on a horse without having that £10 note in your pocket. So why visit an online sportsbook intent on placing some bets and not put any money up to do that with!

Getting Around the Problem of Tyre Kickers

Perhaps a part of the problem is created by the very free money the bookies are offering to attract the new custom. By taking that free offer away and replacing it with the chance to win a much larger prize if you put your money on the right result, Betfred have effectively turned a potential new customer into a paying customer and closed the doors on the tyre kickers and window shoppers!

So how does this work exactly?

Simple. You sign up as a new player then deposit £10 into your new account. You use that money to place your first bet.

For example, if you bet your tenner on a horse that has odds of 10/1 and it wins, instead of walking away with £100, you win double the odds (20/1) and walk away with £200. Now that sounds pretty nice to me!

If it sounds like a good bet to you, get signed up and put on your first bet by clicking the link below:

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