Colossus Bets Select WorldPay to Handle Payments

Colossus Bets, the new £10 million jackpot football pools game announces it has selected WorldPay to handle its end-to-end payment processing needs.

Following the launch of the latest gambling sensation that offers punters a chance of a previously unheard of jackpot prize of £10 million on 30th July, Colossus Bets has announced it will be using WorldPay to handle all its end-to-end payment processing for the foreseeable future. The choice was made in the main because of WorldPay's expertise in the area of online gambling.

WorldPay's integrated delivery of payment services along with its understanding of the online (and offline) gambling industry will enable Colossus Bets to maximise global transaction acceptance. Colossus will similarly benefit from WorldPay's RiskGuardian, a highly enhanced risk management service. This will provide for optimised business cost and risk which features additional fraud and risk management.

How Do You Play Colossus Bets?

This is a new game based around the traditional football pools sports betting process, but in this game punters have to guess the exact final score for each of seven matches selected by the team each week. This naturally increases the odds of choosing a perfect set of results over the traditional method of simply guessing which games will produce a score draw, a no-score draw, an away or a home win.

But with greater odds comes the sweetener of a much larger possible jackpot, more in keeping with the value of a rollover lottery jackpot. With a top prize of £10 million on the table, there is sure to be a huge demand for betting.

If more than one player correctly guesses all the scores, they share the top prize. If no one wins, the top jackpot will rollover to the following week, to produce even higher jackpots.

Smaller jackpots are also on offer, where players can choose 6 games from one of the top European leagues and guess the results to be in with a chance of winning £ 2million. A variety of far smaller prizes are also provided, with the possibility of winning £2,000 for choosing three correct scores from the premier league, for instance.

Why Choose Colossus over Traditional pools or Lottery Tickets?

The answer is simple. People love to place bets on games that offer the chance, no matter how slim, of winning a truly life-changing amount of money for a very small stake.

National lottery players will attest to that simple fact as millions of ordinary folks go out to stake a pound each game in the hope that their numbers will "come up" and they will be transformed overnight from Joe Average to Millionaire big-shot! With the mantra of "you have to be in it to win it" firmly scorched into their belief system, it's no wonder so many play each week.

Why Colossus Will Be a Success

The same idea is behind the latest offering, with a huge weekly prize up for grabs. The gamble for the company running this game is that enough people will place their bets each week, but that is a relatively safe bet since football is not just the nation's biggest sport, but that of the whole European Continent.

Millions of people from not just Britain but all over Europe will be tempted to try their luck and guess the scores of any seven matches from top European football leagues. The leagues include:

Colossus will choose the matches each week and display them on the website for players to decide which scores are most likely to result. All punters need to do is to sign up on the website and place their bets, choose the results they think will come up and hope they guessed right to win!

You can read more about this great new game in our Colossus Bets Review.