Colossus Bets Win a £200,000 Jackpot for a 20p Bet!

Where else can you be in line to win £200,000 for just a 20p stake? Colossus Bets launch Pick 6 amid a flurry of interest among eager punters!

bet 20p and win £200,000You heard right. For the princely sum of just 20 pence, you can place a bet and be in with a chance of turning it into an unbelievably massive £200,000 on the new "Pick 6" game launched by Colossus Bets.

Of course, you have to actually play it to stand a chance of winning it. If you feel that you don't want to risk two pounds on a bet, you now have a really cheap alternative that you can play. With only 20p to risk, it's absolutely worth a go!

Cover More Perms

Punters are lining up to try it having heard about the new game and the buzz is pretty amazing around betting circles. Of course, most players will want to get the most from this game by playing multiple permutations but with each line only costing a mere 20p, there is a heck of a lot of scope for some big perms!

For example, you can cover five lines for a pound stake, or ten for £2 (the current smallest single bet on the £10million Colossus game). And with only six matches to play, that means you could be covering three variations of each match for under two quid!

What About the Big Jackpot Game?

If you were wondering if the £10million jackpot Colossus game is still available, don't worry, it's still there and as popular as ever! It's just that you now have more options for placing more, lower stake bets if you choose and still be looking at a massive jackpot win if you correctly predict the results of those six matches.

The new games have the same great features of the big one and that includes the unique cash-in feature that you take full advantage of.

Welcome Bonus

On top of the great low cost bets, there is also a really nice welcome bonus of three free bets when you deposit a minimum of £10. That's a nice way to get acquainted with the game and put yourself in line for winning a massive jackpot for a ridiculously low stake!

Where else can you be looking at such a massive potential payout for such a tiny outlay?

So don't waste time thinking about it, get yourself over to the official Colossus Bets website and sign up so you can start playing for just 20p! You can get there in a click of the mouse by clicking it on the promotional banner below right now!

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