Punter Discovers Sports Betting Winning Secret

An avid sports betting fan has discovered a winning system to beat the bookies and reap incredible profits and declares it really works consistently.

The discovery was made by a 38 year old man who prefers to remain anonymous, who said his life has changed beyond all recognition. His fantastic find is based on in-depth knowledge of certain sports and making use of technology to maximise the coalescence of a mountain of data into an array of daily win ning sports picks.

Hidden in Plain Sight

hiding in plain sightThe system is actually nothing groundbreaking or particularly new, but has been around for a while having been cleverly hidden in plain sight so well that few have stumbled upon its secrets. In fact, the system is there for anyone with the sense to see it and take action to make it work for them.

Said the ecstatically happy punter, "I kind of knew how this works for years but never had the data crunching capability of powerful software to utilise the betting system to its full potential before." Then he dropped the bombshell of what his "secret" really was.

The Sports Betting Secret Winning Sauce

"It has everything to do with knowing what you are betting on and I don't just mean something like the current form of two football teams coming together for a match. In fact that would have way too many variables for my discovery to be effective."

When asked what he meant by that in terms of effective sports betting strategy, he replied, "A football team is made up of eleven players, so that's eleven individual lots of player form data that has to be factored in. Add the other team and that makes twenty two. And it's not just what those players are doing on the pitch that you need to know about. Its what they have been doing the days before the match that can affect their state of mind and their physical fitness, such as did they go out the night before until three in the morning, pick up a girl, you know all the things that can happen.

referee"Then add the referee and the linesmen because they can influence a match to some extent by the decisions they make. Each team's management and coaching personnel have an influence too. Has one team just sacked their manager, or has there been any friction between a coach and a key player?

"Then factor in the day of the match and by that I mean the weather, the day of the week, the time of day. Then the fixture itself, the ground, the current state of the pitch, there's a ton of information that can vary at every point that can affect how a match will go."

Then he made the comparison that most bettors wouldn't think about. "So you don't waste time and effort trying to figure out all that data. Way too many variables, as I said. It's the same for horse racing. The more runners there are in a race, the harder it is to pick a potential winner.

"So you don't go for sports events where there are lots of variables and by that I mean lots of individuals involved in the event. Its hard enough crunching data on a single sports person, so I figured that if I picked an event with only two opposing players, the variables will be minimal and I can use all the data to pick a highly likely winner.

"Take tennis. That's my favourite bet. Not my favourite game by a long shot. I prefer rugby union, but for betting on forget it. Too many variables! No, tennis is perfect. Just two players to speculate on and even better, there cannot be a draw. One or other player has to win, so the bets are reduced to player 1 win or player two win, That's how to win!"

Collecting and Processing the Data

tennis player"Now here's the clever part. Sure, I could get all the information on each player and work out from everything I could find out which player was most likely going to win on the day. But it would still take hours of painstaking coordination and deliberation to get it as right as is possible while allowing for the smallest margin of error that can be safely applied.

"So rather than try and do it all by hand, I use software to crunch the data for me. I still keep some things as asides that a machine can't figure out. Like a player's emotional state if something has just happened in their private life that might affect their concentration on court. That's my call to add or take away from what the software is telling me.

"But combining the two (software and my own gut instinct) I'm getting results that you would not believe possible. Like better than 90% accuracy all the time. Most bettors lose because they are banking their money on 50% or worse accuracy. Figure it out."

Propriety Software

The punter then revealed that he didn't write any software himself but uses a ready made sports pick system that he pays for each month to do all the work for him. It turned out to be our own highly recommended product, ZCode System!

He added, "Zcode costs me a couple of hundred dollars a month to use, but that's chicken feed compared to what I'm making by using its daily picks combined with my own information on players. I figure my time is money and for a few quid a day, the system pays for itself over and over by saving me hours of grunt work. This sports bet system works and it works amazingly well!

"It spits out a bunch of daily picks and I select which ones I'm going to use on the day, then go do some more digging into the players current state to cement the overall accuracy at its maximum."

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